A 6th ending = potentially a DLC opportunity?

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I was adamant from the moment I learned that you had to pick a faction in this game that I wouldn't do that. In the end, I chose the Commonwealth's above-ground groups (BoS, Railroad, Minutemen) over the Institute, because the story arc forces you to at least destroy them to make the other 3 groups happy. I went in & destroyed the Institute with the Minutemen, who seem to be a middle ground/acceptable bunch to team up with for the other two factions.

Before I got there, however, I started following the online guide to the 5th happy ending (the one where the BoS, Minutemen, and Railroad don't turn on each other), but stopped mid-way and began taking quests from all of them, stopping just shy of picking a side or taking a quest I'd read would force me to do so. Then, I went and destroyed the Institute. At that point, I was an active high-ranking member of the Railroad, the General of the Minutemen, and a Paladin for the BoS (having completed the Danse quest by keeping him alive and getting him to agree to remain in the Commonwealth as my companion).

What I've found is so long as you don't activate those 'pick us against them' post-Institute quests (so, you'll never be the leader of the Railroad, or a Sentinel of the BoS, or get Liberty Prime to actually run around even if you do repair it), the 3 factions get along just fine in the aftermath of the Nuclear Option quest and your affinity with them actually goes up, not down. In fact, all of them laud you for destroying the Institute (although the BoS DOES have a rather annoying snit about you doing it without them, and how they never thought the Minutemen had that kind of power).

So, is this a 6th ending -- an ending where everyone's tentatively peaceful, although they all fear hostilities may break out at any time?

If so, perhaps Bethesda might consider creating a DLC where it's possible to bring the remaining groups (including rogue coursers who have decided to give up their Institute loyalty, rogue Raiders who have decided to give up the lifestyle -- like that one Raider who is talking over the grave of his dead buddy, Gunners, and even Super Mutants who agree to undergo Virgil's FEV serum option to revert them) to the table to hash out their differences, so you can...you know...actually rebuild the Commonwealth through compromise. I realize this means eliminating or changing the mind of Maxson somehow, since he's the most fanatical synth hater in the game and is adamant about not tolerating them, but it could work, I think.

What do you think? Would this be a DLC you'd be interested in playing?

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des lynam
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You mean an ending to invalidate the other endings? No, thanks. The endings all have their up and down, so that it makes it hard to choose a side.

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I completed the quest for the Minutemen in my first playthrough and have never felt compelled to complete it again in subsequent games.

Destroying any faction deprives you of both merchants and quest givers. The only acceptable ending leaves a huge radioactive/radiation storm crater in the middle of the map, and takes out my favorite bridge across the river (which is a big deal to me as I don't fast travel). I have no incentive to proceed past the point where I meet Shaun and open up all the factions.

This isn't to say that I don't play ... I play quite a bit ... but leaving the main quest unfinished gives me the best playground to roam around in.

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Jesus Sanchez
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Not completing the main quest seems to be the way to go if you want everyone around. They are tentatively peaceful in the way that only the Institute is technically hostile to the other three, but you don't see the Synths much outside the areas in which they are residents (such as University Point and the subway entrance beside the Hospital north of Taffington), so you rarely see them fight one another. I considered wiping out any of the four factions to be quite an unacceptable ending for me, and everything seems quite nice the way it is. Nobody gets everything they want, but hey, that's life when you're all relying on me alone to do your dirty work.

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Gemma Flanagan
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:rofl: ... everybody bought the game for the upcoming sixlab mod :drool:

we keep asking for diplomatic options from Bethesda but they ain't giving any

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Wanda Maximoff
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And they better not because such an option would not make any sense in this setting. You don't get it in NV and there such an option would make much more sense.

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Misty lt
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Post » Wed Mar 30, 2016 5:37 am

I don't see how such a DLC would be feasible for the vast majority of players who already completed FO4 with one faction or another. So no, I'd prefer a DLC that would be available to everyone.

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the point is to give the option for diplomatic endings , if u don't care about this don't post u're opinion

the point is to give the option for diplomatic endings , if u don't care about this don't post u're opinion

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Farrah Lee
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and my point is that the suggestion makes no sense for 99% of the people who would be downloading it, as it would be entirely unavailable as an option by that point. once again.

my opinion is just as valid as yours, and based upon reason.

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Daramis McGee
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No thanks. This wouldn't be a good DLC. Not everyone would want this ending, so they'd basically be paying for something that they don't want to use. One can argue that they can just not buy this particular DLC, but many of us have already paid for it by purchasing the season pass. I just don't see any possible way that such an ending would make sense. If we ignore everything we've learned about the characters throughout the entire game it might make sense. But do you really think Elder Maxson is going to change his mind? He was fully prepared to kill one of his most valuable soldiers because he turned out to be a synth. You really think you're going to convince him that synths have rights too? Hell no.

So you're basically saying "agree with me or shut up?" We'd be paying for something that we don't want. How is this not a valid opinion?

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Romy Welsch
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Post » Wed Mar 30, 2016 7:42 am

They could easily have a post ending DLC with the same storyline but different variation. It's not like the entire world is changing that drastically, mostly just replacing the soldier type of each faction for that particular missions.

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Sharra Llenos
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Post » Wed Mar 30, 2016 6:26 am

No thanks all the endings we have are just fine be more gratful.

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Artistic integrity. :P

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Agnieszka Bak
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I don't understand how, in a game which forces you to choose a side and blow everyone else up (like it or not), that a later add-on could somehow fix or change that (for those who have completed the game, which would be almost everyone).

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A new threat arrives, the winning faction will now have to face it, the only difference would be the quest giver either Preston, Maxson, or Desdemona. If it's involved the troops, then the faction troops will change. Nothing about that change except for many certain NPCs talking about how each faction has an effect on the overall ending. If you play Skyrim Dawnguards, the questline are very similar for both factions.

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lydia nekongo
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OK, I can see that.

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Karine laverre
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The new threat should be the remnants of the Enclave (rogue group, led by someone as vicious as Maxon is for the BoS -- maybe include the original creator of President Eden in there, too). That's something everyone would get on board to defeat, I think.

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