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I have played all Fallout games but haven't played any add ons of FO 3 or NV.I am really enjoying Automatron more than I thought I would(Even though I trust devs).It is everything and more I wanted it to be.People are complaining a lot about Automatron.So I want to know what other Fallout DLC at 10$ release price did better.Sorry for not having much knowledge about these stuffs.

Fallout Automatron provided:

+New bosses(Ivey and Ahab)

+Creating your own robots from Scratch.More depth in moding Robot than even weapon moding.

+2 New dungeon.(Respawnable)

+Randomly generated varied enemies(No 2 robots are same).

+One new settlement.

+New companion(Plus you can make your robots as companion or settlers)

+One new Radiant quest.

+New characters.

+New Weapons and Armors and Power armor.

+Eyebot Workbench.

I do think little more end game content would be even better.
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Depends on what you value, I guess. I think Automatron is only worth $10 if you plan on using the robot crafting a lot. The attached story and quests are short and uninteresting, and not even close to being on the same level as the quests and stories of the FO3 and NV DLC - even the ones I didn't much care for like Mothership Zeta. On the other hand FO3 and NV's DLC (with the exception of Gun Runner's Arsenal) were built entirely around their respective stories and quests - more often than not in their own unique world spaces, so while I'd argue that they're better than the story and quests of Automatron there's no new features like robot crafting that you might be using for hours upon hours in the main game. Some increase the level cap, and add new perks and\or traits, and pieces of equipment that you can use outside of the DLC though.

I thought the FO3 and NV story DLC were all a better value for $10, but I'm also someone who doesn't much care for scrounging for junk to craft things out of, and who prefers structured stories and quests. I thought I got my money's worth with the FO3 and NV DLC, even the ones I didn't like. In comparison if I hadn't already bought the season pass I'd have considered the Automatron DLC a waste of $10.

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Post » Sun Mar 27, 2016 11:57 am

Thank you for these needed infos. :)

So I guess for me as I value creating stuffs , farming radiant quests ,grinding in interesting dungeons ,fighting different enemy types and customizing stuffs,new guns,armors and power armors and more Role playing options more.It is an awesome piece of DLC for me.But granted I want different types of DLCs too.But hopefully Far harbor will be best of both worlds.I am one of the very few people excited about Wasteland Workshop . :P

Overall ill give it 8/10 considering it's price.
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