Headless Ellie and Some Other Things

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So Ellie was talking to me, in Nick Valentine's office. And her head completely vanished. I was holding a short conversation with her headless neck. It was both hilarious, what the [censored], and why is my game starting to glitch when I use to have no problems with the game?

And beyond that. It's a complaint without really being a complaint. Am I the only who notices the lack of Mean Companions? Cait is my love interest, she fell in love with the drinking, bad mouthing, junkie Artair. She gets clean and suddenly expects Artair to do the same. Honey, you fell in love with him, knowing what type of man he is.

Even Hancock whose kind of suppose to be this bad ass dude. Is kind of nice. He doesn't really care for Artair's [censored] talking, despite that's all Artair is a [censored] talker. Artair is a Mercenary. Former soldier turned Mercenary in the Wasteland. And Hancock blushes at the things Artair has to say.

Piper I knew from the start was a good companion.

Nick I knew from the start was a good companion.

Paladin Danse is some brainwashed indoctrinate that Artair is starting to get sick and tired of the Brotherhood. Originally he was going to join them because he said, Oh Military I get that. He joins and it's a lot more religious than Artair was thinking and he's starting to get irritated with them.

How many factions can I choose to join? Can I reject my choice and go help out another faction? Because Artair vomits in his mouth every time a Brotherhood talks to him. He's a merc. He really can give two stones. He doesn't want to help the Institute because he doesn't want to turn out like Spoiler Story Element. The Railroad is too nice for him.

He just wants to get paid.

I mean there's some other story elements I have passed through his personality. Particularly in his relationship with Nora and Sean. And I won't say as much because I am afraid I am going to sound like an inhuman bastard.

But I mean I found a way to work through the non urgent storyline. Long story short, Artair, came back from the war, not the same person. It broke him. He went to drinking and him and his relationship with Nora was kind of played off so the neighbors didn't get suspicious. Artair never really wanted Sean, but Nora thought it would make them happy again. She certainly was happy. Artair was missing something. He likes the Wasteland because it is what he's missing. Smoking guns. Combat. And being the scary man with a gun.

He didn't want Sean and reluctantly acknowledges it. However, he is also the type of person who people take things from him. He may not want Sean, but to respect Nora he looks for Sean. But for a while. Artair just sank himself into mercenary work, killing, drugs, and alcohol. Finally decided, perhaps he should look. For Nora's sake at least so she can be at peace.

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katsomaya Sanchez
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Having a similar issue with my character, I'm thinking I might just never complete the MQ. None of the factions really suit my drug dealer Freddy's motives, BoS maybe?

Really wanting a Gunner faction right now, only work for the caps. ;)
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victoria johnstone
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Artair hates the BOS. He says, "Militant Religion, what the [censored] is this" he joined, but is regretting his decision and thinking to seek another faction element. Because he doesn't want to go Settlement to Settlement being the Wasteland Real Estate Agent. And the Settlers treat him like gob [censored]e anyway, considering they behave like he isn't the guy who built them this awesome, defensive home or something. Should be kissing his feet at this point.

Railroad and Synthpathizer isn't really Artair either because Artair could give two stones of whether or not Synths are humans. He doesn't care. He's motivated by money and putting his wife to Peace so he can live in Peace. As the Wasteland's smoking gun Mercenary.

The Institute just isn't Artair's thing. Teleporty robots with skeleton faces that look kind of like a certain movie android. Isn't his thing. He's not really into science, despite him understanding a bit of it.

He's more like a Modern Cowboy. Than any of these faction options.

Give him money and he does the work. Simple as that.

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Manuel rivera
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MacRready might be what you want? Also, you could consider Strong.

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Helen Quill
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Strong won't shut up. I have purposely ignored him in my playthrough because he's the most obnoxious of the teammates.

Also, I cannot find any Milk bottles with actually milk in them. Where is this Milk of Human Kindness, so he can shut up about it?

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Susan Elizabeth
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Sounds about right :)

I'm kind of feeling like a copy cat, if Freddy wasn't in to chems, there would be very little difference between our characters, lol.

I think McCready is your man, being a mercenary who will do anything if he gets some caps with it.
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Alada Vaginah
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Well Artair's been in drugs and alcohol ever since he came back from the war. It truly turned him inward and broke him. He's just kind of a psychopathic murderer high off of whatever drugs. He's mostly always drunk or high in the game. I haven't found a moment he wasn't.

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kirsty joanne hines
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Freddy + pyschojet = mutilated Raiders galore.

If he can't shoot it, he can inject some chems and smash it. Chemist perk is amazing.
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Farrah Lee
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Artair motto is, "more danger, more caps, less danger, even more caps."

But it's how I also play in the game why Artair skips sleeping and then I make him sleep for like 12 hours afterwards.

His other favorites are

"Make me put in the effort for you, saving your wife, caps, oh and a handy insult of how useless you are"

His motto for combat is

"If it's too difficult to kill on its own, just get tougher"


Funny things is Artair just use to roam around with Dogmeat. But Dogmeat gets no ammo and kind of becomes completely useless. Still point is my strung out Artair pacified a Yao Gau for no particular reason and just walked off. He didn't feel like fighting it when his Buffout and Psycho wore off

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Penny Courture
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I've kept Freddy with a might Str, Chr, and Int. He's smart and clever, always can haggle for more money, but is tough enough to fix things is things go south. Very loyal to whoever hires him, as long as it doesn't include harming children, he has a soft spot for them due to recently losing his own.

Got some great perks like Rooted, Chemist, Chem Resistant, and Lone Wanderer to bolster his skills. Prone to fits of rage, and hardly settles down for long.

Plan on "accidentally" finding Virgil so I can skip the whole detective case part of the story. Also gonna accidentally find Kellogg too.
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Haley Cooper
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Artair is focused on Endurance, Perception, Charisma, and Agility.

He's got a good Intelligence level too, but Artair rarely uses it. Well he does, but just to craft insults.

I did animal friend perks and his build is more focused on Charisma and when not on drugs, being able to run from battle as quickly as he can.

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Judy Lynch
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The other issue is the dialogue option. Artair would risk his life for someone who is a synth or not, but it depends on the circumstances at hand. But they want one answer. No middleground my ass.

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Jenna Fields
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Freddy could care less about the synth issue, though things like covenant are too much. Also, he will happily take bribes, but if it is for him to stop his job, he'll take it andown do it anyways. Free caps!
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Calum Campbell
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Artair accepts bribe too. Though to be honest, he's irritated the Human Error Quest hasn't cleared, he accepted the bribe, he doesn't want to do any further investigation. He got caps. Can he be aligned with Covenant now?

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Phillip Brunyee
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Unless you go to the compound, no, I don't think you can.
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Cathrine Jack
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That's b.s. And goes back to my other thread. I like multiple ways of completing a Quest

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