I may have just created the sword of the apocalypse!

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First off, I should point out that combat is NOT why I play Skyrim. I realize that as you dungeon delve, and travel the wilds, you're gonna have to fight a lot, but I'm more interested in the interaction with other characters, and the story line of the quests. Because of that, I like to carry a somewhat overpowered two handed weapon, so that when I run up against a boss, or particularly tough opponent, I can pull it out and finish a fight in a few blows. Dodging, blocking, jumping around, etc. just isn't something I want to do!

So I finally got the Ebony smithing perk, and decided I was going to make two Ebony swords and two handed great swords for Lydia and myself. I've never used smithing enchantments, or potions in the past, but thought I'd give it a try this time around. You can probably see where this is going! LOL! :wink_smile:

I put on three pieces of enchanted gear, that combined should stack to 60% improvement, and made the bows and swords. I'm not sure how but I wound up with one sword, and one great sword! Somehow, I must have selected the wrong item to create, though I don't see how. :(

Next, I took everything over to the grind stone, drank a philter of blacksmithing that gave a 40% increase to improvements, and improved all the weapons.

Here's where things got weird! Somehow, I wound up with a great sword that weighs 22, and has a damage of 64. I also have a sword that weighs 15, with a damage of 79! :ooo: Both were made and improved at the same time, so what gives?!?!?

Gonna be really curious to see how that performs against the next bandit chief I come across! ^_^

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You have any perks related to one handed or two handed weaponry?

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The damage shown accounts any Perk and equipment with "Fortify [Weapon]" - except for daggers, if it′s vanilla, which shouldn′t get bonus from Fortify One-handed.

If you have different smithing perks for different materials, you might have improved one more than the other. You can improve things as if your smithing was twice the value after you get the appropriate perk, so you′ll end up with a superior class of weapon (Fine, Superior, Exquisite, ect).

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I have +40% two handed and +60% one handed, but these are the only weapons showing the disparity. Also, if I give both weapons to my follower, they keep the same values.

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They were both crafted out of the same material, in the same session, so whatever is affecting one, should affect the other as far as smithing goes. Does enchanted gear like guantlets that improve one handed make the value of the weapon itself change? I thought it was just a multiplier that affects damage?

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What is the "smithing title" of the weapons? I'm talking about... like "Legendary Ebony Sword" or "Epic Ebony Two-Handed Sword." If they're both titled the same, then something seems wonky :)

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The value you see for weapons is not the same as your followers would see, for example. If you′re bad at archery but they′re good, you′ll see a lower damage value than they can actually deal.

ps-you can easily test this by checking the damage of your sword with the gauntlet and without it.

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AIB- They are both Legendary.

NUT- That was it! When I dropped the enchanted gauntlets, the sword dropped from 79 to 59 damage. It's still within 6 points of the two handed sword, but that could be explained by the extra 20% perk on one handed.

I always thought that perks and enchantments just added to the multiplier when you hit something. Once again, I start the week off by learning something new about an 8 year old game!!! :goodjob:

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