How poorer am I for missing F:NV?

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I've wondered for a while now, whether I was right to skip New Vegas. After discovering and loving Fallout 3 back in 2008 I was excited to hear NV announced around 2010, but when I saw it wasn't by the same developer, I dismissed it as a cheap and inferior rip-off of 3.

I was disappointed and didn't want to waste my time on a game I felt would tarnish my fondness for F3.

Since joining here in June - (in anticipation of F4) - besed on what the fans here say I realise that my assessment was completely wrong and now bemoan the fact I dont have a ps3 or xb360 to play it. Some even think it's the superior Fallout on console. So, in as much as I want to be a real fan of this series, is that possible if I never even bothered to play it? Or is it a tragedy that I missed it?

Sorry for the slight inanity of this topic but I wasn't quite sure how to put it.


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The devs of New Vegas had different goals to Fallout 3 so it can be quite a shock if you expect 'more of the same'. Fallout 3 has a very dense, detailed world for you to endlessly explore but has plot weaknesses. New Vegas has a very dense and detailed plot for you to explore but has world design weaknesses.

On the whole I think New Vegas has better gunplay and more interesting gameplay systems. I think anyone who enjoyed Fallout 3 would enjoy New Vegas as long as they go into it with the right expectations.

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NV is a love letter to fans of the first Fallout and has very little to do with F3.

Many who only played the 3, do not like NV att all.

So, I think you dont lost anything.

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This is a subjective opinion, but you missed out on a great Fallout title. Fallout 3 allowed for greater exploration and environment immersion, compared to Fallout New Vegas which allowed for more story and character immersion.

For me, hardcoe mode was one of the best add-ons into the game and made the RP experience that much greater. The perk system I thought was much better (because many perks were double-edged swords) and you didn't get a new perk every level. The story telling of the game is of a greater quality, and even though Fallout 3 had better exploration going on, Fallout New Vegas still had good exploration experiences.

F:NV is a legitimate addition to the greatness that is the Fallout franchise. Have to remember, a lot of people that worked at Obsidian to make New Vegas used to work for Black Isle Studios (who made the original Fallout title).

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