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I don't think I'll be able to download FO4 until I get somewhere with better internet than Pago Pago so I figured I'd ask some questions here on the FNV page. Did not want to ask on the FO4 page or I'd get buried quickly or the thread would get hijacked by anti-obsidian fanatics.

1.) How does the combat compare between the two? I liked how in FNV you could kill a deathclaw quickly but they could also oneshot you if they got into melee range. Is FO4 similar or is it stimpak tanking and bullet sponges?

2.) Is the DR armor system just like having more hitpoints or does it feel like having armor like the DT system in FNV does?

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Seems more like bullet sponges to me.

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It depends on the difficulty you like to play on.

You have a lot more options when it comes to weapons and armor with the modification system but it can also take quite a bit of perks and resources to make the good items.

I have only faced the one Deathclaw that you meet early in the game if you follow the questline. Survivor difficulty is something like Legendary difficulty in Skyrim which has a greater chance for a legendary adversary to appear which can take a long time to kill but they usually have some great loot which often includes a unique item. For me I find normal to be the best difficulty for me at the moment.


As for the rating I have not played long enough but I do notice a difference with upgraded armor or when Using Power Armor. Power Armor feels like you are wearing a Power Armor the downside is that you do need to have a Fusion Core to power it or at least for full use of the Armor. For Survival Mode you do want to use Power Armor but it can cost a lot to keep it active since you are going to have to repair it and it is not cheap in supplies. Regular clothing/armor does not need to be repaired but a good portion of them can be upgraded with mods.

I am loving the game so far.

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