A honest Fallout 4 review by an old fallout player.

Post » Wed Nov 18, 2015 4:37 pm

I agree, I think all of the Fallout RPGs are great in their own ways. I obviously have my preferences, but I haven't played a single Fallout RPG I would call mediocre. Fallout has been pretty lucky in that regard, all of its RPG installments up until this point have been well received because the developers have all clearly cared about the franchise, and weren't simply trying to cash in on it.

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Kat Lehmann
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T.T this review and most of the ppl on this threat, that are the same that complain on the every post about "how bad Fo4 is", make me sad.

Why? bc Fallout 3 move away form that old formula that was Fo1 and Fo2. AND GUESS WHAT. Bc they move away from it is what make the game so good that it sell well, win awards and make ppl to keep playing it.

Then NV come out and only the hard core fan of rpg are happy, guess what u are a minority, and as minority, u need to live with the problem that make. Everything will adapt to what sell better.

I been playing game for 20 years now and u adapt or u will be unhappy your whole life.

Fo4 is a better game that NV or 3 is. The game work alot better is alot better when it come down to immersion, and like it or no the Voice character is something really good for a game like this and the year we are. There are almost 0 game that dont have a voice protagonist. RPG or no RPG games.

I really dont get why there is a minority hatting Fo4 so much when is clear as day that the majority of ppl are happy with the game. The improve to the unbalance skill system make the game better, the new PA make it feel actually better and no just a heavy set of armor. Layer armor allow u to customize your character alot more same as weapons mods. The UI is something u need to deal with it on a age where game are made for console and PC ( im a PC user, i just learn to adapt). The story is good, better that other games. The new world map feel more alive that any other Bethesda map till date.

Really im puzzle as how ppl are so unhappy about the game. And i know im not the only one that dont get the hate the game is getting

On the side note ( since Fallout 1, u always roll play a set background no meter what u do; Fo1 u are a Vault dweller for Vault 13, and u been there your whole life, Fo2 a dirty tribal from arroyo and your grandfather is the vault dweller from preview game, Fo3 u are the LW who born on river city and move to the vault 101. Fo NV u are the courier and u spend 4 DLC finding out your background and your mortal enemy.)

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Post » Wed Nov 18, 2015 4:37 pm

That in itself should be the first mark against it.

I can agree with that.
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I agree to a certain extent with OP. I also agree with those saying that it's pointless comparing Fallout 4 to Fallout 1 and 2 as there's no going back to those. However, that doesn't change the fact that if you keep making games in a series you should at least make sure that you follow the general outline of that series. Beth has done that a little less with every installment. My main gripe with Fallout 4, though, is that it just doesn't feel like Fallout anymore. I've like each game in its own way for whatever it brought to the series, but Fallout 4 is really far off that mark, which others have noted as well. Hence the constant references to dumbing down, etc. There appears to be a lot more focus on boom bang action and a lot less focus on problem solving and mystery and I haven't experienced any of the wasteland humor that made me giggle in the previous installments. There's no sharp wit in this game, just slap-happy in-your-face comments that you'd have to be dumb not to notice.

It certainly plays a lot easier than any of the other games too. I have to think less, I have to worry less about messing up the quest line because, well, you can't. There is no denying that there's A LOT of hand holding in this game. It's also overly simplified in a lot of places, and unfortunately in a lot of the places that made the previous Fallout games a Fallout game. Taking away those things takes away the joy that they used to bring, like seeing your skill level increase, worrying about the condition of your weapons, etc. There's really not much left in the way of RPG.

In spite of all that, Fallout 4 is still a fun game to play, but I'm just not really thinking of it as a Fallout game anymore, which is a real shame. I also haven't been glued to the screen since I got it, which is the most obvious sign that something is seriously wrong. I can kinda take it or leave it at this point and will probably wait around till mods start coming out before I really get into it. Running around shooting people in the face is only fun for so long. The fact that EVERY SINGLE QUEST I've been on so far involved killing someone, there's definitely a lot to be desired from previous installments. Why can't we solve quests in multiple ways anymore?

I hate the turn this has taken and I'm really disappointed that it took 7 years to come up with this. Fallout 4 feels more like a patch to hold me over until fallout 5 comes out and hopefully is completely awesome. It does have some potential, but some things just can't be fixed by mods, and unfortunately those things are what breaks this game out of the Fallout series.

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An artist that wants to be taken seriously should stay true to his art, not obey the casual masses.

I dont think the important decisions on game mechanics that have been made with this game were driven by artistic pulse.

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Charlotte Lloyd-Jones
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I'm one of those people.. I play them all.. I don't try to compare them because that's detrimental to any enjoyment. They are completely separate entities created by entirely different teams of people. It's like trying to compare a novel to a movie adaptation. Usually, movies are nothing like the books they are taken from.. doesn't mean you can't enjoy a movie for what it is even if you love the book. All you have to do is find the fun in something. If you can't find any fun because you're too hung up on fun times you had in the past then why even bother with anything new.... Might as well just start sitting on the front porch, complaining about squirrels and yelling at kids to stay off your lawn.

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That's a pastime that I already look forward to, for when the time comes.

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