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I love Fallout 4, and everything about it just I loved Fallout 3 and New Vegas. Fallout 4 is a masterpiece to me as far as Story line and game-play goes but there's always a thirst for more from a game. I'm always finding something new. My imagination runs a little wild and I get real creative even though I have absolutely no modding experience due to the fact I play the Xbox line of consoles, so when I found out about the crafting system here I was ecstatic. So I've literally picked apart various little tidbits, quests, crafting, and game play mechanics and had questions like "What if it was like this?" or "It'd be cool if-". Those kinds of things. I compiled a wishlist for any future DLC's, updates, or Mods that are compatible with consoles.


Resource obtainment/management system-

  • Agriculture merchant - Merchant that sells farming supplies (cosmetic things such as fertilizer, gardening hoes, planters, gardening tables), livestock (Brahmin), Gardening food (mutfruit, corn, etc).
  • Ability to plot land for gardens
  • Ability to plot land (small) for ponds/water
  • Ability to plot land for livestock
  • Ability to assign Hunters to hunt local wildlife such as Radstags

Material obtainment/usage-

  • Everything must be broken down outside of workshop mechanics via fabrication (Unless used for junk fencing) - Steel: Has to be melted down in a smelter before it can be used on walls/roofs/fencing - Wood: Has to be broken down and fabricated before it can be used on walls/roofs/fencing (plywood/OCB sheets, - (same goes for Plastic, ceramics, etc)

Customized Caravans-

  • ability to place multiple traders, guards (or robots), and pack brahmin.
  • ability to plan, direct, and traffic trade routes ( Example: Go to Point A, B, C, D, etc)
  • ability to customize the type and amount of supplies they are transporting
  • ability to visit major prefabbed settlements (Diamond city, etc.) and charge for travelling fees in acquisition of requested items

Object placement overhaul-

  • Snap/Unsnap function: fighting with the permanent object snapping function is rather tedious. It'd be awesome if there was a function to toggle it on and off.
  • Scrap/Store all: There is an enormous amount of junk and misc items usually found on site of larger base. Though I don't mind going through and scrapping or storing it all one by one, sometimes going through and picking the settlement clean of all unwanted items is time consuming.
  • Phasing: It would be cool if you could phase objects, though not too deeply into the ground or immovable structures to prevent loss of the object.
  • Tilting- Tilting an object would help cosmetically.
  • Size limit: Though the size limit to a settlement is probably due to performance issues, it'd be nice if the size limit to the settlement was extended.

Settler/Inhabitant Overhaul-

  • Ability to assign patrol routes, or stand guard at a certain location
  • Ability to buy guard dogs/robots and assign them with patrols or caravans


- There are a lot of things that would be amazing to craft. Examples:

  • Armor/weapons from the ground up (The same as Skyrims crafting system) or find standard weapon parts and be able to piece them together.
  • Vertibird landing pad (if space is applicable)- for Brotherhood enthusiast or purchase a Vertibird or parts for hefty prices
  • Super Mutant Armor for Strong
  • Customizing Codsworth and Curie as far as attachments and painting goes (ex: Plasma gun, Mr Gutsy Paint, Brotherhood Paint, etc.)
  • Fabrication stations for making materials/or melting down materials for use.
  • Defenses- Sandbag walls, taller guard towers, Brotherhood barricades.


- I love the armor and how you can attach different kinds and upgrade them in various ways. But I wouldn't mind seeing the return of the following:

  • Power Armor: Vault-Tec Power Armor, X-02 Power Armor (Advanced Power Armor Mk II), Hellfire Power Armor, Tesla Armor (visually)
  • Chinese Stealth Armor
  • Reinforced Combat Armor(From New Vegas, though I know it as a different developer)
  • Riot Gear (From New Vegas, though I know it as a different developer)

Perks/Perk Magazines:

- You can never have too many perks or magazines to go along with them.

  • Robco magazine - Perk that allows player to build robots for defenses. (Protectron, Mr. Handy, Mr. Gutsy, Sentrybot, Assaultron, Eyebot)
  • Robco magazine - Perk that allows player to build ceiling mounted turrets.
  • Trapper magazine - Perk that enables player to make more traps such as firearm tripwire traps, bear traps, Railway spike launchers, or grenade bouquets.

Companion Overhaul-

- The companions in Fallout 4 are amazing. I love the Character development in each one that I have come across. That's why I would want the first two on this next list to especially come true.

  • Allow at least one or two humanoid companions tag along with a non humanoid. (Longshot: allow all companions to follow you only in Survival mode)
  • Current Synth Companions (love their character development by the way)- Allow to switch between the way they look now, to fully skinned, to just hardware with no human skin cosmetics.
  • More available companions: Sentrybot, Assaultron, another ghoul, another Super mutant, Pack Brahmin, Eyebot, Female Synth
  • Vertibird Air Support (Not just Vertibird Fast Travel) (I think having Brotherhood squad drop would be a bit much as there are random encounters of both Vertibirds and Brotherhood drop offs)

These are some of the ideas that I thought of. I'll probably add to this list later.

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I'd like candles to place in the settlements on tables/desks or whatever. Right now it's kind of tricky to power an entire house especially one with multiple floors. Plus candles are more atmospheric and i'd rather use those to light a small wooden shack or coffee table inside the house. I'd also like a deeper faction system with the brotherhood of steel and others, like where you can have their soldiers guarding your settlement or you can paint your power armor in a factions heraldry etc.

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