Fallout.ini won't let me save DarnifiedUI font fix

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I've been pretty fortunate that I've been able to find a solution for most of my modding screw-ups either here or on You-tube and I'm grateful for the help.

I was following video of Gopher's for the installation of DarnifiedUI and everything seemed simple enough. I have a fresh install from Steam, did a game cache verification, use NMM for the mods, installed FNSE and checked it was installed right, and then started with the download from here for the Darnified file. Made the fomod and proceeded to copy/paste as Gopher had done. The fallout_default.ini was first and saved. The fallout_prefs.ini next and it saved.

Then I clicked save changes for the fallout.ini and the pop-up for "save as" showed up wouldn't let me save.

I don't know if I did something to cause this or how the save as window got there. I suspect human error.

If anyone has experienced this problem, I sure would appreciate any advice to fix this so I can save the fix for the font change. I don't know if I caused it or how it happened. If there is a solution, that would be great. Help is appreciated.



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