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Hi there:

I am playing the FO3 GOTY again on my laptop. I bought this FO3 GOTY through Steam and also have a few mods, weapons and the MiniHideout. I am currently at level 9 and while playing through the missions to Follow in His Footsteps and the side mission to Big Town I encountered an unusual area that I do not remember on my PC game. Someplace in the lower part of the Wasteland is a small table on a low platform that contains a radio receiver/ transmitter that allows you to "order" Alien parts and goods such as the Alien Crystals both large and small. Also I believe you can order Alien epoxy. So has anyone else encounter this area? If so where is it located? Is it a random encounter in the game? I have searched extensively throughout the internet but can find no references to either this "place" or this radio receiver/transmitter. Thanks...I know I am not crazy.... :-)

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Pretty sure the alien epoxy and Crystals are exclusive to the Mothership Zeta DLC add-on, so I think this happened due to use of a mod?

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