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Hi there! So, I'm not new to Bethesda games and I know a few things about console commands, but I've recently hit an obstacle. I'm roleplaying a new game of Fallout 3 and I wanted to make a slave I freed a permanent follower. The thing is, I used addscriptpackage 4083b at first to have the slave follow me around to a safe place and I thought about using the metro as an escape route from the slavers that were following her. She did not enter the subway so I used prid and moveto player to get her in, but now if I try to use prid on her from outside the metro station it won't work. The script package still works inside the station and I tried several other methods like using coc while it was active, addfac 37136 (which should make her a follower) and setrelationtshiprank, while also trying out some mods like companion share and recruit or sharing and caring companions to arrive at the same result - she won't exit the station or become a conventional follower (maybe because freed slaves do not enter open dialogue?).

I don't think I can use Geck to solve this as she is a randomly generated npc which would not exist in a new game, but I already created a story between her and my char (the first meeting was one of those moments when a random encounter perfectly fit my roleplay and my char's backstory) and it would be a shame not to be able to go along with it. Does anybody know how to make her a follower through the console or maybe some mods that could help me? I am open to any kind of sollution (GECK is good too if you know of a possible sollution), but I'd really like to do it!

Also, I use FOSE and I don't have any mods that alter slaves or the subway.

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