Major problems with using GECK

Post » Thu Dec 03, 2015 10:20 am

I have FO3:GOTY. I'm running GECK 1.5. My OS is Windows 8.1. GECK will open just fine, I can load multiple masters just fine, I can browse items just fine (although I'm coming from 400+ hours in the Skyrim Creation Kit and GECK doesn't handle quite the same way, despite looking exactly the same), but as soon as I try to load a cell (interior or exterior), it gets halfway through loading the objects and/or terrain and then I get the message that it's stopped working and to close the program. Even if I just load the main .esm and pick a random vanilla cell, it does this. It's super frustrating, because all I want to do is build things, and clearly I can't when it's doing this. I hope someone can help.

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Update: Setting compatibility on Vista Service Pack 1 is now allowing me to load and switch between interior cells, but exterior cells still crash the GECK at about the three-quarters loading point.

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The GECK can be very tempermental, it took a while to get mine to even open up. Can you run falllout 3 ok with no crashes? I would suggest regardless if not to:

Open up the fallout.ini file in: My Documents\My Games\Fallout3

Find the line:bUseThreadedAI=0change it to:bUseThreadedAI=1Add another line after it and insert:iNumHWThreads=2

This will limit the game to 2 cores and prevent the engine bug from causing the game to freeze. Also install the as this fixes some errors in the geck.

Also make sure you have the 1.5 update of the GECK

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