Prdywen and Power Armor

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This is research for a Fallout graphic novel that I'm working on...

  • Prior to the Brotherhood appearing in the Commonwealth to destroy 'The Institute,' where was the Prydwen located? Was it Washington D.C.?
  • Was Paladin Danse located in Washington D.C. when his friend Cutler went missing for 3 weeks and was exposed to the FEV virus? Or was this in Boston or elsewhere?
  • Would Elder Arthur Maxson and Paladin Danse (Knight Danse then) be utilizing T-45 or T-51 Power Armour instead of T-60 prior to their relocating to the Commonwealth? I'm thinking when Danse's friend Cutler went missing they potentially were using a different power armour during that time perhaps?
  • For the graphic novel I'm debating on keeping or tossing the fusion core idea out the window in favor for the internal power that was lore friendly in previous Fallout installments. Thoughts?
  • Which Brotherhood chapters used what versions of power armour? Which ones used T-45, T-51 and T-60? What is the deal with the Midwestern Brotherhood power armour? Why are they the only ones with Mk2 looking armour?

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