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Back when I had a Xbox 360 and Fallout 3 (way before the "Game Of The Year Edition" came out, there were two physical discs for the DLC. One disc contained "The Pit & Operation Anchorage" while the second contained "Broken Steel & Point Lookout DLC. (See links below for the two discs I'm talking about).

Anyway, as part of my Fallout 4 purchase I got the digital version of Fallout 3. I remembered that I still have these two "DLC content" discs. So I go to install them (as well as Mothership Zeta DLC which I did purchase when I originally played Fallout 3).

So, after installing all of this on my Xbox One (yes, the Xbox one does recognize the two "Game Add-On Pack" discs I thought I'd be ready to go & pick up from where I had left off on Fallout 3. Sadly, this is not the case. Upon loading Fallout 3 it says that content is missing & I won't be able to load my save ..... I can't remember the exacting wording off the top of my head.

Looking at the downloads option within Fallout 3 it shows only Mothership Zeta, despite having installed the other DLC from the two discs that I have. If I leave one of the "Game Add-On Packs" in the Xbox One then the two "DLC packs" on that disc then show up within the game when you go to the downloads option. But as my game saves expect all 5 DLC packs to be available this is something of a problem. I can't have both of the "Game Add-On Packs" in the Xbox One drive at the same time.

The question is, is there any way I can use the content from these two discs that I have without having to purchase the DLC AGAIN or having to buy the Game Of The Year edition. essentially doubling up on what I already have in my possession??? I don't want to repurchase something that I already own & have sitting on my shelf in front of me.

I've seen people talking about getting the GOTY versions working. I've yet to see any talk of getting my DLC with the various discs I have working & getting the content to show up on the Xbox One. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Just to recap, here's what I own ...

Fallout 3 (Original Disc Release)

Fallout 3 Game Add-On Pack - Broken Steel & Point Lookout (physical Disc)

Fallout 3 Game Add-On Pack - The Pitt & Operation Anchorage (Physical Disc)

Fallout 3 Mothership Zeta - pirchase as DLC from Xbox Live Store

Fallout 3 Digital Edition (supplied as a bonus for purchasing Fallout 4 on Xbox One

>>>> seems I'm unable to post links. Just look on Amazon for "Fallout 3 Game Add-On Pack" to see the discs I'm talking about

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