Need some advice on ammo and caps

Post » Sat Jan 09, 2016 2:20 am

I am near character level 14 now.

I have 5 quests to finish , but I struggle a little bit on earning caps and finding ammo.

Do you have any suggestions? (dont like too spoiler, glitch/cheats/mods or quick fix ideas that will ruin my gameplay experience)

My quests are also slowed down a bit Waters of Life ( DAd stuck), Wasteland survival guide (Cannot place observer yet, too powerful kings inside), and I am not sure how I will obtain Abraham Lincoln photo :) from Museum.

Need a little bit hep guys and girls...

Cheers, for the love of community. Hope one day we meet in F4 which I will buy in 4 months

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Yvonne Gruening
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Post » Sat Jan 09, 2016 1:49 am

The mod makes most ammo cases respawn. I find that helps a lot with ammo problems. In my opinion it is not at all a "cheat mod." To me, it makes no sense that new Raiders would move into a camp but never store a single thing in the containers. You could also take the Scrounger perk.

I can't really help you with caps, as I've never really had any problem accumulating caps in this game. You might try selling scrap metal to Walter in Megaton, if you aren't already. There is also the Master Trader, Fortune Finder and Lawbringer or Contract Killer perks.

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jenny goodwin
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Post » Sat Jan 09, 2016 9:12 am

Anchorage Memorial: Do you have a Stealth Boy? They can't hit what they can't see!

BTW, as far as the prohibition on killing mirelurks goes,
that only applies to lurks you kill AFTER you take the Anchorage Memorial job. So if you had killed them all first in an earlier save and then talked to Moira about this job it would be easier.

I always like to check out the BOS Outcasts at Fort Independence. It is a bit south of vault 101. You can get stimpacks, frags, rad away, and 5.56mm ammo in exchange for scrap metal, energy weapons and the like.

You are looking for a large poster of the Lincoln Memorial itself.
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When I first played Fallout 3, I'd take *anything* to make a few caps, even tin cans and forks. What I recommend, is to take anything of value that doesn't weigh anything and sell it.

Like ammo you don't use, chems, pre-war money... Also keep all Nuka Quantums, pre-war books, scrap metal, Brotherhood holotags and Sugar bombs you find. Good for making a lot of caps.

For the Mirelurk quest, there's a shortcut

- a back entrance you can open if your lockpick skill is high enough. There are spawning pods very close by as soon as you enter from here.

For the Lincoln poster, it's inside

the Museum of History but it doesn't appear on the wall until you have gotten this quest. If you have been at the museum before getting the quest, the poster was not there. But it will be there now that you have accepted the quest.

Good luck, have fun :)

edit: added spoiler tags just in case.

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Post » Sat Jan 09, 2016 10:10 am

You probably don't have any ammo because you shoot it up doing all those quests. :) Take your time and develop your ammo dealers and visit them every three days for a while: Tenpenny, Paradise Falls, Moria, Rivet City, Casdin at Ft. Indy, the caravans. Get your perception up so you can avoid fights not of your choosing. If you play the first ten or so levels as a fast paced shooter, you'll always be running low on ammo. A lot of fights aren't worth the ammo used to win them, but when you have to fight use stealth and sniping and make your first shot count.

There is enough junk laying around to finance a sizable portion of your ammo needs if you take the time to pick it up and haul it back to sell it, but as PW says, having enough caps isn't usually a problem.

All of this is easier if you use fast travel to the ammo dealers, but it's doable without it. By level 5 or so, my last character had finished Moria's book, had the A3-21, Lincoln's Repeater, Vengeance, Xuanlong Rifle, Ranger Armor, etc.

You should not kill the Mirelurks at Anchorage, you should sneak by them using the things Moira gives you. That place is scary, but if you can avoid the Lurks, it's a fun quest - and there's a lot of good loot in there.

Oh, and welcome to the forum.

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There are a couple of perks which help, Scrounger for ammo and Fortune Finder for caps. Increase your barter skill to get better deals. Loot anything of value and take it to Moira or other merchants. Holotags, pre-war books, nuka-cola quantums can all be sold to certain people for a lot of caps. Lincoln memorabilia can be sold also (apart from the poster). The best thing you can do perhaps (if your gameplay style allows it) is to take down Tenpenny Tower or get the ghouls to do it. The caps and equipment will easily net you a couple of thousand caps.

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Post » Sat Jan 09, 2016 10:07 am

Thanks for all of your experienced and nice ideas. For these 2 days it was very efficient gameplaying. I have been motivated to finish my quests especially wasteland survival guide.

As a summary I will consider all of your ideas especially getting caps and ammo related perks, also some items to be traded with specipic npcs.Sometimes I like to play too much shooter style and that is a mistake.

Let me introduce what I have done so far briefly:

I accidentally blowed Megaton in my 3 rd character level so now I can't use Megaton.

I am trying to get into Brotherhood of Steel and Power Armor. I found 6 power armors yet. Also I am trying to get Lincoln poster photo but I was not able to get into 1-2 rooms in the building because I dont have enough science and locpick skill as I remember.

Cheers, for the love of community. Hope one day we meet in F4 which I will buy in 4 months :))

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Post » Fri Jan 08, 2016 10:11 pm

Minor spoilers; after blowing up Megaton, Moira Brown will

be a ghoul. She'll move to Underworld and you can still do her Wasteland Survival Guide quest.

As for Power Amor, there's a 2nd way to get power armor training: By first doing the

Operation Anchorage DLC you will obtain the power armor perk as well.

For the Lincoln poster

inside the Museum of History, you'll only need to pick a very easy lock, I just checked. But the poster will not appear until Caleb asks you to retrieve it. Have you found the speaker thing labelled Lincoln's Voice? It's on a wall just slightly to the right from there.

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Post » Sat Jan 09, 2016 8:23 am

Do you have any of the DLC's. The Pitt has an option for you to craft ammo but you have to finish the dlc to get that option.

Being friends with the outcasts allows you to trade tech for some items which for me is usually 5.56mm ammo which is the only ammo type for trade unless using a mod. 5.56 ammo is good for assault rifles since they can go through ammo quite quickly.

To help with ammo I usually have a Hunting Rifle with me since that ammo is quite common and the ammo for it is also common. The good thing about the Hunting Rifle is that you do not go through ammo that fast.

I always have a melee weapon to take care of the weaker npcs that are not worth the caps to spend ammo on.

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Post » Sat Jan 09, 2016 7:43 am

Actually I couldn't find the Lincoln Memorial picture for hours. Then I found it.

My friends, be careful to read quest text . :.)

Thanks Gelmir...

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Post » Sat Jan 09, 2016 8:52 am, very right decisions and ideas. I already use some of them. Hunting Rifle is not a very efficient weapon but ammo usage is very good as you mentioned.

I am very excited to install the pitt but I scare if game stability changes after the install.?!

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