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Hey, I have a problem with DLC Dead Money ( Sierra Madre ). :sadvaultboy: In the quest "former grandeur"( I hope it is correct name ). Christin tries to kill me and I kill her, than I try to get out, but the lift is locked, and I die. In the Internet I found that I should turn on some Vera's record, that should be downloaded from the terminal, but I can't found this terminal. The situation is complicated by my stupidity: I don't save the game in the menu, and if the record is in the hall of Sierra Madre, I can't return here because the preivious lift is locked by Christin. –°hristin tries to kill me because I lied to her about lift in the Villa.

P.S. I hope that you can quickly help me because I'm 43 level and I don't want to restart the game.

P.S.S. Sorry for my 'Great' English. :brokencomputer:

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First thing - use a few save slots!!! Sometimes a bug will occur and with only the quick save you can end up needing to re-start.

Can you go to the elevator that goes back to the lobby and the casino? At the front desk you need to use the computer and it'll make the sound recording that you need to get into the vault.

Look in your inventory and see if you have any recordings that you can play while standing near the elevator to the vault (the one in the closet of the room where you found Christine)

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Kill her and run to the elevator (yeah, the time counter is short).

Take vera's record in the terminal and go back to the vault door.
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