Level Up Glitch (pre level 20)

Post » Tue Jan 19, 2016 7:12 pm

Hi folks,

so I've been playing Fallout 3 (platinum hits edition, not game of the year or anything) on an Xbox 360 250GB, black version with no removable HD. I obtained enough experience to level up from 10 to 11 and I received the notice in the bottom right hand corner of the screen however I was not taken to the level up screen and can't find any way to level up manually. I've reverted to previous saves and tried to obtain the experience in different ways (i.e. side quests, wandering the wasteland killing molerats and such) however it happens the same way every time. When the level up prompt occurs I am not in combat and many times it has been when I've killed the last enemy and there are no enemies nearby. I have also had the same problem with different active quests. The trouble seems to have started after I visited little lamplight and met MacCready.

Any troubleshooting steps or thoughts anyone could lend would be much appreciated. I've put quite a bit of time into this and would hate to start over again (especially if this glitch is likely to reoccur)

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Try entering Megaton, or Rivet City and see if that works. Maybe the game thinks that you are still in combat.

Does it happen with a new game.

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