Will Interplay ever be allowed to make Fallout games again?

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Normally I would not post a thread like this on a Bethesda forum, but hear me out and please be civil when doing so!

I love Bethesda, I love the Elder Scrolls Franchise and I adore the Fallout Franchise as well! I own and have enjoyed both Fallout's 3 and 4 on the Xbox One with Fallout 4 being my favorite out of Bethesda's Fallout games!

That said, I am not a hater of Bethesda's Fallout games at all!



Now I understand that there was a lawsuit that happened a couple of years ago between Bethesda and Interplay about the rights to the Fallout franchise, which Interplay clearly lost that lawsuit.

But do tell, can't Bethesda at least let Interplay make future Fallout games in years to come or at some point in the future at all?

Interplay did create the franchise to begin with and if it weren't for them, Bethesda would not have the rights and we wouldn't have gotten Fallout 3 or 4 for a while.

Now I am NOT saying that Fallout 3 and 4 were bad and only the Interplay Fallout games were good, as said in the disclaimer, I LOVED Fallout 3 and 4 and I LOVE Fallout 4 better than 3! I DID however enjoy Fallout: New Vegas, which was made by Obsidian a lot more than both Fallout 3 and 4! :)

What I am essentially saying is that the least Bethesda could do in a few years from now is allow Interplay to make future Fallout games alongside them. Obsidian Entertainment did emerge from Black Isle Studios.

Interplay and Obsidian IMO would be great at making future installments to the Fallout franchise working with each-other with Bethesda allowing them to do so.

That being said, I really don't see a problem with Interplay being able to make future Fallout games alongside Obsidian and Bethesda!

Tell me what you think in the comments below.

EDIT: Also, I understand the lawsuit as I said before, but I still kinda find it to be a bit wrong and harsh for Bethesda to permanently deny Interplay of making future installments to the franchise that they created.

The least that they can do now is work something better out rather than being at each-others throats like in the past.

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Harry Leon
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Just to clarify a few things..

The company that bears the name Interplay now, is NOT the company that has/had it's name on Fallout, or Fallout 2 or Fallout: Tactics. The only Fallout game they were responsible for was Brotherhood of Steel, which is barely even acknowledged as a Fallout game. (Think the difference between Highlander and Highlander 2)

They also chose to sell the rights to Bethesda. First, as a license to make three games, then later, the full rights. The lawsuit was over Interplay failing to meet the contract agreement that ceded the rights to a Fallout MMO back to them (Having a certain cash surplus, showing progress by a certain date, actually doing the work themselves etc). Bethesda chose to enforce that contract as was their right, even if a little harsh. But Interplay dug their own hole there.

There is barely anyone left at Interplay who worked on Fallout. Most are at Inexile or Obsidian.

So, no I would not want Interplay -as it currently exists- anywhere near Fallout.

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That dollar you wasted on thousands of shares of Interplay stock will never be worth anything. Just accept it.

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darnell waddington
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Damn, what a loss. :rofl:

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Samantha Jane Adams
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Why would you want Interplay to make a new Fallout, when basically everyone who worked on the original Fallouts is at Obsidian or someplace other than Interplay? Hell, does Interplay even exist anymore?

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Donatus Uwasomba
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I get the impression that most here on these boards don't understand the difference between Black Isle and Interplay. And has already been stated, Black Isle is long since dead and spread to the wind.
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cosmo valerga
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What are you guys saying? Are you all seriously telling me that Interplay met the same fate that Bungie did with most of it's staff going to 343 Industries if you put it in anology? Furthermore, are you saying that Black Isle made the first two Fallout games and Interplay did not?

I just want to clarify things, that's all!

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Nicole M
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Did you two read my disclaimer at all? Be CIVIL and POLITE please!

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Harry-James Payne
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Black Isle was the development studio which made Fallout 1 and 2, yes. They were a division of Interplay, their publisher. A bit like when you see a game like Dishonored. It's published by Bethesda, not developed by them...and not really a Bethesda game. And yes, Interplay was mismanaged by CEO Herve Caen and has, for all intents and purposes, been dead for years.

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cheryl wright
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Oh! Now I see! So if I am not mistaken, Obsidian Entertainment is what was Black Isle Studios, the remains of it anyway. Correct me if I am wrong or is Black Isle still around?

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Basically, but not really. There are some people at Obisidian, past and present, who came from Black Isle...including essentially Father Fallout himself, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tim_Cain. Troika were another small but legendary team which came from the ruins of the sadly defunct Black Isle (they produced https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arcanum:_Of_Steamworks_and_Magick_Obscura and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vampire:_The_Masquerade_%E2%80%93_Bloodlines).

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Miss K
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One guy from Black Isle still works at Interplay, Chris Taylor. One of the creators of the SPECIAL system. He was on the team making the Fallout MMO.

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louise fortin
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LOL, yeah. Poor Chris Taylor. OG gun nut. But is this really still a thing? Is he just sitting in an empty room with a chair and a water cooler somewhere waiting for Herve to call?

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Hilm Music
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Is Chris still at Interplay payroll, though? I got the impression that he's doing something else these days since he's working on the PoE cardgame with Scott Everts.

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josie treuberg
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Not forgetting Brian Fargo's InXile, of course either!
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Bah nevermind necro thread.
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Joey Avelar
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2 hours doesn't generally constitute a necro.

I never quite put it together that Obsidian, Troika, and inXile all had members of the old Black Isle team in them. I knew about Obsidian and inXile but not Troika, probably should have put two and two together given Arcanum but I never did.

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Uh, Interplay is like 10 people, all they do nowadays is just broker deals between GoG and devs to get old games on it. That's pretty much all they do. They did have a chance to make a game but failed it completely when they missed their deadline.

Interplay might as well be dead.
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Marquis T
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And do their best to avoid paying people, if certain recent events on GoG are anything to go by.
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joseluis perez
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He was referring to the post above his.

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Danial Zachery
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I knew that, I was being sarcastic...or witty...or enigmatic...or uhhh...yeah, woops.

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