Pip-Boy Pip-Boyy 3000 MK IV

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Hi Folks,

At first i have to say sorry for my grammar, im from Germany :)

So to my Questions:

Its about the Pip Boy in general and specially about the Pip-Boyy 3000 MK IV from Fallout 4

Question Nr1:

Were Pip-Boy originally made to help a Dweller to survive outside of a Vault ? ( In the F4 CE Edition the Handbook often says that it truly is an instrument which is perfect for surviving at the wastelands after a nuclear war )

Or was it just an Instrument from the Enclave to get Informations about the Wastelands ?

Question Nr 2:

What means the Tag MK 4 ?

I own the Collectors Edition from Fallout 4 an on the Platform is written "Not for Civillian Use" - Does that mean that this Edition is a special one just for Vault Personal an Doctors ?

Or does it mean that noone outside of a Vault is allowed to use the Mark IV Edition ?

Question 3:

I just try to find out for what Pip Boys where really produced by RobCo and Vault Tec Corp.

Was it really a Help-Tool like a smart watch which should help a Dweller to survive ?

Or was it just a fake and an instrument for the enclave to controll the experiment Project:Safehouse ( i think it was the name) and to collect informations about the Dwellers?

i hope someone can help me with those nerdy questions,

thanks a lot

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Question 1: The pipboys where created by robco as a personal information processor and then issued to the Vaults by Vault Tec as standard equipment. Robco had a partnership with Vault-Tec, part of this deal no doubt had robco supply the Vaults with pipboys.

Question 2/3: Because it's the 4th version of the pipboy 3000 model, in fallout 3/NV had the 3000A model and in the older games you can the 2000 model.

It's never stated (I don't think anyway) if pipboys where made purposely for the Vaults but seeing as how the MK4 version can interface with power armour it probably suggest it wasn't available for cillivan purchase.. Either way I'm guessing it was probably fairy expensive so I doubt many people could afford one.

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