Fallen Liberty: A Commonwealth Faction RP OOC Thread III

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I think the Ranger guy already had a post with them at Cambridge. Plus, I think Liberty Prime would be an interesting goal for your Brotherhood. It would give them a quest and a reason to go scrounging about interacting with other factions for spare parts. I'm thinking about scrapping that one BoS character I wrote, I think you might have enough hardliner BoS guys.

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okay so here is what I have so far


Faction Name: Commonwealth Crusade of the Capital District Chapter of the Brotherhood of Steel.


Cambridge Police Station: Held as an outlying outpost in the Boston ruins, faces regular ghoul raids from wandering feral hordes. Garrisoned by a small platoon of Knights and scribes under the direction of Paladin Danse.

Prydwen: Headquarters and nerve center of the Brotherhood Crusade in the Commonwealth. Hosts the rest of the

Economy: None to speak of, the Brotherhood shuns outsiders and only uses them for their own advantage. They do not trade, if they need something they cannot create they take it.

Culture: The Brotherhood of Steel is a qusi-religious military monastic order, honor bound to the retrieval, curation, protection of advanced technologies and sciences deemed too powerful or dangerous for everyday people. They are also sworn in the eradication of any abominations that are the result of such technologies and sciences and their corrupted creators.

While the Capital District Chapter maintains a population of lay people, the Commonwealth Crusade is composed of only members of the Brotherhood. This means they live a regimented, minimalist life. They own no personal property aside from a few essentials, everything else is expected to be shared with the whole.

They sleep together, eat together, work together, pray together and fight together. Comradery and fellowship are highly emphasized and valued within.

All Members are also honor bound and every morning after prayer and before breakfast the members fall into formation and recite the Oath of Steel.

“On My Honor,

I Shall Do My Duty,

To The Brotherhood;

And Humanity,

To Aid My Comrades At All Times

To Ensure That,

I Am Physically Strong,

Mentally Able,

And Morally Pure”

Government: The national Brotherhood of Steel’s leadership is a complicated situation with varying levels of legitimacy and disorganization. Thankfully the Capital District Chapter is better organized and efficient than the Trans-National Brotherhood.

The Capital District is run by a tribunal of Elders, these Elders hold the legislative, judicial and executive powers of the Government. By their will and through an extension of that will they have entrusted Elder Maxson with leadership of the Commonwealth Crusade.

Elder’s meet with high ranking Paladins, Knights and Scribes in order to make the appropriate and best judgments.

Military: Being a monastic military order there is a strict ranking system within the Brotherhood that extends to the Crusading force in the Commonwealth.

All Brotherhood children and any orphans taken in by the Brotherhood are awarded the rank of squire as soon as they are physically and mentally able to follow orders. Squires are usually assigned to squads, though a high ranking Paladin or Elder may have his own squire. Squires cook, clean, and maintains their masters’ equipment. More importantly however squires learn from their assignment and are expected to pass certain trails administered throughout their time as squire. These range from strength and endurance trials, to emotional and mental ones.

Afterwards, once their trials are passed they are then raised to the rank of Initiate. All outside members joining the Brotherhood who pass the entrance exams are given the rank Initiate. Initiates are those who help ensure the Brotherhood keeps running and therefore end up with a lot of grunt work. They are the ones who clean and cook for the entire Crusade, they help out at guard duty. They catalog inventory etc etc. Based on how they preform and act at their final ceremony they choose either the Path of the Sword, Path of the Quill, or Path of the Halo

Path of the Quill: Those who embark upon the Path of the Quill dedicated their lives to the acquisition and preservation of knowledge. They become the Scribes of the Brotherhood, they work in many essential different aspects of the Brotherhood. They are its historians, quartermaster, engineers, doctors, scientists and scholars.

Ranked as follows

- Scribe

- Scribe Apprentice

- Scribe Journeyman

- Senior Scribe

- Head Scribe

The Path of the Halo: The Path of the Halo is the newest branch of the Brotherhood, it is composed of the piolets and crews that fly and maintain the Brotherhood’s aerial fleet. They preform every duty, from pilot and gunner to mechanic and flight control.

Ranked as follows

- Lancer: In charge of cleaning, maintenance, cataloging and ammo supply

- Lancer-Knight: Gunners/Co-Pilots

- Lancer-Sergeant: Pilot vertibirds

- Lancer-Captain: Pilot the Prydwen

Path of the Sword: The Path of the Sword is the military for the Brotherhood, it consist of two different fighting groups, Knights and Paladins. Knights are trained soldiers and the bulk of the fighting forces for the Brotherhood, though are usually more assigned to defensive than offensive roles.

Armor/Weapon Names:

X-02 = “Black Devil”

X-03 = “Tesla”

X-04 = “Hellfire”

Ranked and armed as follows

- Knight: T-45D, AER9 Laser Rifle

- Knight-Journeyman: T-45D, AER9 Laser Rifle/M-126 Missile Launcher

- Knight-Sergeant: T-51B/T-45D/, ZP3 Plasma Rifle/AER9 Laser Rifle

- Knight-Captain: T-60C/T-51B, AER11 Laser Rifle/ZP3 Plasma Rifle

- Knight-Commander: X-02/T-60C, AER11 Laser Rifle /ZP3 Plasma Rifle

The Paladins are the elite fighting force of the Brotherhood, responsible for almost all offensive actions

Ranked and armed as Follows

- Paladin: X-04/X-03/X-02/T-60C, M74 Gauss Rifle/ H&K L50 Gatling Laser/ZP4 Plasma Rifle/ AER11 Laser Rifle

- Paladin Commander: X-04/ X-03/X-02, M74 Gauss Rifle/ H&K L50 Gatling Laser/ZP4 Plasma Rifle

- Star Paladin: X-04/ X-03, M74 Gauss Rifle/ H&K L50 Gatling Laser/ ZP4 Plasma Rifle

- Sentinel: X-04/ X-03, M74 Gauss Rifle/ H&K L50 Gatling Laser

History: I’ll do this later, maybe, you guys probably already know this though.

@Vatrou, I see what mean about the suits, as for the Fusion core. What I mean't was once it runs up you can't move in the suit like you can in game. That way if a Brotherhood member's fusion core runs out they have to ditch the suit or drag it manually to their place.

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So, I've been pondering but have no real solutions, but in-game I'd like to set up ways to branch out the Olney faction. Right now I have the arc with Tundra, but I also want to have things like trade routes and diplomacy in-game to transition the group from a glorified refugee city to a landed and settled citizenship in the region like other settlements where travellers stop in and visit. Right now it's more in a 'frontier zone' I imagine, so I'd like to begin ways of settling them into the region. Anyone have ideas for how I can bring this about because I'm not entirely sure where to begin. Also, Tundra, if you have any ideas for how to proceed our conflict arc, I'd love to hear them because I'd love to see where this goes.

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Well, if I were in your shoes, the first place I'd start would be Diamond City. It's the biggest settlement in the game, so if you wanted to sort of get the word out about Olney, that'd be the place to start I'd think.

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Trying to give me more work to do are you?

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You've discovered my ulterior motive! Curse you!

In all seriousness however, I figured Diamond City would be the place to go if you wanted to spread the word about a settlement, meet with traders and whatnot. Maybe Olney could even persuade Travis to put a good word for them out on Diamond City Radio. That'd do the trick, I'd think.

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So now that I finally have some freetime again, I was thinking of writing a Brotehrhood character from the Mojave. My idea was Independent New Vegas, with a Pro Brotherhood courier in power. Hardin took over leadership of the Mojave Chapter, and has aimed at making it more true and aggressive like the Brotherhood's original dogma. They grudgingly work out with the courier how they'll ally with New Vegas and provide it with some tech, but secretly plan to overthrow the courier. Some time passes, and a war seems likely, but the Courier challenges and kills Hardin for leadership. He swiftly eliminates Hardin's cronies, and exerts control through compliant bureaucratic scribes and Paladins. The Courier keeps the Chapter independent, but makes changes and directs much of it's products to benefit New Vegas and makes sure it's loyal to him. Because he stays relatively true to the Brotherhood's ideals(and because they don't have much other choice), relations between him and the rest of the Western Brotherhood/Circle of Steel are pretty chummy.

Thoughts? Too powerful? I imagine they'd be like the other Western guys: observing and approving of Maxson's designs with perhaps a bit of haughtiness from being part of the "original Brotherhood"

p.s. I wouldn't use the Courier as a character.
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I'm cool with it but I think when I made my Western dude I got the feeling that the consensus of others was that they preferred to keep Vegas ambiguous. Which is why I think I'm gonna abandon my Circle of Steel concept. With him I wanted to make a character that would butt heads with Maxon, but ultimately F4's Brotherhood is so hardcoe old school BoS that, as I think about it, I don't think there would be any reason for conflict. If I do a Brotherhood person at all I think I'd wanna do a Lyon's type, just to keep things diverse. I think an interesting theme to explore with the Brotherhood would be whether technology is good or dangerous. Kinda explore their philosophy a bit. Should the Promethean flame be used to warm mankind or hidden away lest it burns everything to the ground (again)? A loose concept I have is a vestigial member from Lyon's chapter who takes the former position to the extent of maybe even willing to ally with the Institute, putting them at odds with the hardliners.

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Hidden Valley had shaky contact and relations with the rest of the Western Brotherhood to begin with, I think something like this would lead to the whole chapter being excommunicated. I'd also personally like to keep New Vegas's ending a bit vague and not have any Player Characters show up or do anything. Same reason the sole survivor is still stuck in cryo and we never mention the Lone Wanderer.

I could see the Western Brotherhood sending a few people over just to keep an eye on things. Or perhaps Hidden Valley was destroyed and they are the last one? Without a "family" he was just sent East to the Commonwealth Crusade?

I like the idea of the "haughtiness" of being part of the original Brotherhood. Would be interesting to see the clash of ideas

Let me know if you want to continue with these, Gallows is a former member of Lyon's Pride and I planned on having some returning members as well. It would defiantly be interesting to see.

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I'll close off any dealings my Gunners/Triggermen are still involved in soon and get some more progress going.

I'll wait a while for the gear Hancock just bought to show up, but I'm going to have the Gunners moving forward with some little projects. I figure for now they know about The Regulators but they don't know about Garvey's involvement.
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Girlfriend is in town for Valentines day weekend. Ill be able to et a post up once the work week starts

Ill respond to the Children of Atom (Kingsport Lighthouse), Nadine and include the Scorned moving into Reeb's Marina and begin repairing the steamship

Ill also get a Brotherhood post up.
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