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I have seen numerous posts where others have suggested Florida for a future location to visit. Just wanted to share my thoughts.

The main game would focus on South Florida. You would be a vault dweller, of an underwater vault off the coast of Florida. Your vault was destined to slowly fill with water. You would have to escape the drowning vault, your best friend wouldn't make it due to their excessive drug use making them too high to swim. You wash up on the beach, waking to a mirelurk attacking you. You are rescued by the Coast Guard faction. You are taken to South Beach as it is the nearest city, there you discover a major drug problem, (similar to Cocaine Cowboys of the 1970s). A new drug is turning people into feral ghoul-like super mutants. You learn that a faction named Castro is manufacturing the drug to create an army to overthrow the Enclave (former US government). The drug is a variant of the FEV mixed with a radioactive drug as the catalyst for the FEV. They are stealing the drugs from hospitals, they control many of the hospitals with the exception of the Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital. Here the DiMaggio faction has held on to the last free hospital. You can help them reclaim hospitals. Enter the Brotherhood of Steel, here to stop Castro's FEV experiments and eradicate any chance of the FEV drug destroying humanity again.

Potential Enemies

Aside from many of the usual enemies (super mutants, mirelurks, ghouls, etc.)

Shirmp-lurks- Smaller and less dangerous than Mirelurks

Deathsharks- an aquatic deathclaw-like creature

Mutant Alligators- larger and slower than regular alligators, two headed, territorial.

Potential Locations

South Beach- This could be a large settlement of ghouls, in floral beach wear, focused on tourism. They could revive the numerous hotels and night clubs of the 1950s. Since south beach is a hot spot for vintage cars and custom classics, their could be a vendor or quest giver similar the Atom Cats that would allow custom paint jobs for power armor. They would have a private section of beach which would need help defending from aquatic enemies.

Downtown Miami- Similar to the capital wasteland and boston areas, it would be an urban wasteland.

Everglades National Park- Mutant alligators infested, with small bands of seminole indian ghouls scattered about.

Florida Keys- Each main Key would be enemies in a land dispute war as the islands are small and land is precious. You would have the option to help a particular Key win and unite the Keys under their rule. Or you could turn against them and claim the Keys for your Main Faction. (Potential Expansion)

Potential Factions

Aside from the main existing factions (Brotherhood of Steel, Enclave-not joinable)

Coast Guard- Main Faction. Stationed in the US Coast Guard District 7 Base. Similar to the Minutemen, they would be defenders of the public mostly against the mirelurks/deathsharks.

DiMaggios- Small faction of doctors. They are based in Joe DiMaggio's hometown of Hollywood at the Children's Hospital. The guards could be dressed as baseball players similar to the Diamond City guards as tribute to Joe.

Castro- Main Faction. Stationed in Little Havana. Similar to Caesar's Legions in New Vegas. They would be a dictatorship with "Castro" as the leader. Their goal would be to control Florida, they would be at war with the Enclave.

Potential Expansions

Orlando Theme Parks Expansion

Help the Coast Guard faction to reclaim Orlando. Their base of operation could be the Naval Air Warfare Center in Orlando.


Castro retreats to the island of Cuba look for missiles left from the Cuban Missile Crisis, their base would be the US Naval prison at Guantanamo Bay. Continue with the faction of your original choosing to defeat Castro or to defend Guantanamo.

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We have a thread for suggestion on setting for future Fallout games: http://www.gamesas.com/topic/1501546-official-future-fallout-locations-suggestions-28/

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