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1) suggestion, in a future game or update a story involving the new York area could be very fruitfull. it could start in a vault on long island, feature long island resort communities, the bouroughs of Brooklyn and queens with the worlds fair location, coney island, kennedy airport, us open/citi park and a totaly destroyed manhattan that can only be accesed via underground subway travel similar to metro 2033, you could pop up in central park or grand central-but bring your extra heavy radiation gear! there could be underground settlements of different factions, Yankees vs rangers anybody? maybe even a timed experience when out in the open. lots of options but I love the idea

2) request, please fix the level 4 vendors, I love the settlement system but can only get ann and vault guy to work properly. I have recruited smiling larry and the scribe as well as the doctor but they never showed up at any settlements, population went up but they are stuck in test cell. please come up with fix for those that truly loved the settlement system and want to see it at its fullest

3) suggestion, for a fallout dlc a enclave base at the submarine naval station in Groton ct with enclave traveling by stealth into and out of the commonwealth by sub, maybe with a boomer as a capitol ship and enclave admiral in charge. it could include real tesla armor, hellfire armor and other enclave add ons, even the possibility of letting the enclave destroy the brotherhood and take control of the commonwealth. enclave vs institute would be cool as I thought the synths were wimps compared to full on enclave assault.

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