Mutology: The study of Mutant Biology

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So I got around to thinking, why are Mirelurks considered a single species when they clearly display multiple traits from other sea-creatures and crustaceans. And my thoughts drifted to this new Mirelurk Queen. Which has traits from both a Lobster and a Spider Crab, perhaps it was due to some kind of cross breeding post war, regardless I believe the Mirelurk Queens furthering a hatchlings' development cycle perhaps by feeding it certain nutrients while they're still young and susceptible to genetic changes in an attempt to manage the needs of their colony.

It is possible that Mirelurks operate on a loose hive based structure with the Queen dictating how a colony will develop to expand their range or defense within their colony. Perhaps as a Hatchling matures it begins to develop specialized traits such as the hardness of the round shell or lack thereof. Others may transform into the crayfish like Hunters, or Mirelurk Kings; which may not even be Mirelurks at all instead resemble something closer to amphibians like frogs. Now my only theory is that since the Queens direct the mutation of the Colony these wildly different strains of mutations all operate cohesively with each other in a manner that benefits the productivity of the group. Now this is all conjecture so I wish to discuss my theory with the rest of you all. Perhaps there could be more information that I am missing in my sleep deprived state.

I do also think it would be quite enjoyable to delve into the possible biology of other mutated creatures in an attempt to work out some key behavioral or genetic traits.

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