Fix the Ingot Turn in Bug with Everett in the Pitt

Post » Sun Feb 21, 2016 8:50 am

End of Story.

It's related to not allowing Everett to finish his welcome to the steelyard spiel when collecting the initial 10 ingots, or by straight up bypassing his scripted speech and proceeding to complete the arena fights.

This isn't news. Who knows how many thousands of people have wasted countless hours collecting ingots (all 100 no less) in hopes of attaining the Perforator and the achievement only to realize the game code is bugged with no remedial course of action on the console which obviously lacks the ability to use console commands.

Apparently the console command fix is related to his "walking" with a value of less than four which prevents him from ever leaving the abandoned zone and re-entering his office in the mill to allow for ingot turn in.

I created an account on this forum for two reasons:

1) The sticky thread on the ingots collection has nothing to do with this aspect of broken-ness

2) An angry poster on page 8 of the forum posted in a not so civil fashion no doubt violating the forum community guidelines for posting and was unconstructively adding no more to the substance of the issue than a patronizing string of commentary before locking the thread.

Eagerly awaiting an enlightened response. This many years after this had to be a well known issue.

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