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I figured that is what you were getting at but I just wanted to be sure. In an interesting way, making gender hard to distinguish could be at least by today's standards... be completely in line with what the Master was trying to do.

"The Unity will bring about the master race. One able to survive, or even thrive, in the wasteland. As long as there are differences, we will tear ourselves apart fighting each other. We need one race. One goal! One people, to move forward to our destiny." - The Master.

It can be said that he not only wanted to remove the differences between the races but the sixes as well and thus removing conflict in his eyes. If we are all 3.2 meters tall, gray green and 363 kg then what is there to fight about?

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Eileen Collinson
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Yeah the Master though he was smart.Until he found out the they were all sterile.He may have that belief.But Fact.They are still different in many ways.Physically.Supermutants an Nightkin.An probably a dozen other types are out there.There Master is not going to get up an change their six at this point.Its never going to happen.They already exist.They aren't shown in the game in HD graphics.On a R9 390.I can tell the difference.An the game looks cut an paste.Again.I want progress.They need to address it.Unisix Momo's are one thing.But i should be able to tell the difference better on the Skyrim engine.No excuses.

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john palmer
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Going back to the first Fallout it is stated that the difference between a male and female super mutant is very hard to tell the difference, even when you have one on a table and you are doing an autopsy.

So it isn't a matter of graphics but a matter of canon. Bethesda's version of super mutants are different from the West Coast, as in they have no genitals.

Myself and others have asked this question but I will ask it again.. Why do we need to see super mutants that are clearly female?

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gary lee
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Because they exist?An people asked about it.An no clear respones was givin until 2013.An we waited.An waited for another fallout an we finaly have it.An the issue was never addressed?I dont like seeing thing being unclear.I dont like waiting for something then someone flaking on the date.Giving lame exscuses as of why they couldnt.I could say the same about the Synth.I see only males attack.Does the creator has some sort of Anti feminist ideals? Do they hate women? Should i file a class action lawsut to get answers?

You know what?The answer is still simple.This is a request.All you have to do is agree.If you don't or don't care.Then why bother posting?They exist.The art work should reflect it.No more confusing the people paying for the game.End of story.Support the product by giving feedback.Helping people getting a better game.Not by not changing things for the better.We are pushing forward.Not trying to stay the same.Do you want the same graphics from Fallout 3?Then support this.

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A Lo RIkIton'ton
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I don't get it. We have female super-mutants already. Lily and Tabitha for instance. What exactly are you looking for in a female super-mutant design? Buxom green she-hulks in bikinis? Super-mutants with briasts? What?

That said, I do agree with you about the Synths. I want to see some bad-ass female Coursers. No idea why they're all male, since there's really no reason for it.

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I am assuming you missed what i posted.

I think they rushed the game out an didn't make body meshes for all the races.Or Again.Not to offend the designers.Were being lazy.

An just copy an pasted the body meshe an just added a wing model an glasses for them.Which is shameful.

I mean the synths that attack you.They are all male models.So far that i have seen.No female model.

No Children model.This is suppose to be a race of its own.But nope! Just male.Which i think was a lazy attempt at game design ( no accusations of this) but i dont know because i dont work there.

So im not saying that Synths should be all one race but i do feel it is sixist.An i have felt this way on may thing in the game since Fallout New Vegas.But i did not voice my opinion on that.So we have a new fallout.New game.Better Engine (no comment).So we should see more diversity.This is a halmark of gaming.How many kids do you see?How many Males do you see?How man females do you see?OK Animals.How many different kinds of animals can you see.If you can count as many on one hand.You've got a problem.

Which again.Makes me thing.They were rushed for time.An didn't do a quality job of things.So you know what.I am not wanting.It took me a month to play the game after i bough it due to the game would crash on start.So i waited this long til they fix the issue.I got in the game an i find this.So nope.Not taking it.I need to send feedback.This is something that should have been fixed.So that is why I am doing this.I needs to be done and clear.An the last thing i need is people trying to get in the way saying No.So support for this is needed.Can i count on your support?

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Andy durkan
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Wait, what? Are you talking about the Gen-2 or the Gen-3 Synths?

The Gen-2's are all "male" because they're robots. That's like saying there should be a female Mister Gusty. They don't have genders.

The Gen-3's do have females, except in the case of Coursers. Likewise they don't have children because a Child-Synth is a new cutting-edge project being worked on in Advanced Systems. Without getting too much into spoilers: yes there are child synths.

As for the mutants. I ask again. What EXACTLY are you looking for in a female super-mutant design that would make you happy?

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Tiffany Castillo
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Post » Wed Mar 02, 2016 11:18 am

I like the fact that supermutants can't be distinguished by gender and don't see a need to sixualize them by turning the females into big-briasted she-hulks.

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Emma louise Wendelk
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I think by now the answer is for super mutant females to be clearly female. Which makes no sense for the Super Mutants Bethesda created because they have no gender and the ones created on the West Coast are so tall and muscle bound it is very hard to tell the difference between male and female.

At this point Warsun just wants to see a super mutant that is clearly female and doesn't care how it happens, which means ignore all the lore/canon. I would also remind Warsun this is a forum, if people didn't come here to talk about lore/canon, the forums would be a boring place and this thread would get little to no attention.

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Jarrett Willis
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Post » Tue Mar 01, 2016 10:12 pm

Then that is not part of the lore.An you have no say in the matter.

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Well clearly you are trying to fight this.You dont want female supermutants because YOU are not following the lore.Not me.They are females,There are males.It was said they revert to their normale bodys after the FEV.As part of the game lore.So you have a choice.You can claim that none of that happened.You have to delete what Micheal Dorn said.

An deny that.(Probably in some sort of a patch.)Pay the webpages to change the data of all statements an animations of the an asixual,unisix information an clarify all Supermuntants are males and not females for they no longer exist in the world after the FEV and make a public statement of this risking customers.So remarks like All supermutants are Males can continue as a mockery of the game because people dont know the difference.OR Just make female models.

See.I honestly dont care about your opinions of what YOU think things should be.I just don't.I want clairy.I want results.I dont want people who refuse to accept lore.That is why the post was made.Just a simple request.What do you get.People wantting to attack me.Say No.YOU Want this.That is an attack.I made that clear at the begining of the post.I have nothing further to say.I made a request.I am not hurting you or the game.Simple as that.

If you dont like it.Make your own post as of why you would prefer we abolish female Supermutants from lore an remove Female supermutants forever.Go right ahead.Please make your post.All of you.Go right now.I will love sharing that with everyone.Also Do you know what i Want?Hm? No you don't.What i want is to play using my heavy geared Power Armor,With Rockets on my shoulders An Dogmeat with a Minigun side armor going through the wasteland firing my Tesla Cannon an Switching to my Plasma Caster.Can i do that?No.So its not like i get anything i want.Just a taste.That`s all i ever get.

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Marcus never said they turn back to their normal bodies. What he said was he hoped he wouldn't get a prosttute pregnant which implied that Super Mutants weren't sterile. But the developers of Fallout 2, I believe it was Chris Avellone later clarified that Marcus was joking and that super mutants are indeed sterile.

The lore is very clear on it going back to Fallout One. Super mutants created by the Master are male and female, they are sterile and it is very hard to tell the difference between male and female super mutants. Bethesda's Super Mutants are also clearly stated to have no gender at all.

And since this is clearly a suggestion and you aren't willing to talk about lore. This could be sent to the Future Fallout Suggestion Thread :shrug:

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Warsun - you don't want people responding to your thread, so I'm going to lock it so no one can reply here.
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