Fallout series connection?

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What if in the future there is a fallout that connects the stories of all of the others?
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Fanny Rouyé
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But they are connected. The Vault Dweller left his Vault, and stopped the Master from taking over California. The Chosen One, the grandchild of the Vault Dweller, destroyed the Enclave's Oil Rig sending them retreating East, to DC. Where, the Lone Wanderer fought them and destroyed them finally, with the help of the DC Brotherhood of Steel chapter that was sent east two decades earlier. Back west again, the Courier decides the fate of New Vegas, and finds a robot, ED-E, that has travelled all the way from Adams AFB in Maryland. Then, in Fallout 4 the Sole Survivor battles Kellogg a man from the NCR, and the DC Brotherhood of Steel show up.

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They're already connected. Fallout 2 was pretty much a direct continuation of the Core Region's story after the events of the first game. Hell, you play as the Vault Dweller's grandchild. New Vegas picks up the west coast's story several decades later, but it involves many of the same characters and factions and shoes how far they've come.

The east coast Fallouts are more distantly related, but the connection is there. Lyons' BoS and Enclave both came to D.C. from California after Fallout 2, and Fallout 4 shows us what the former grew into over the decade following Fallout 3.

Tactics is the story of a large faction of the Brotherhood who wanted change in the BoS structure in 2195, years after the first Fallout, but before Fallout 2. To get rid of them, the rest of the BoS sent them on what was basically a suicide mission to deal with Gammorin's super mutant army, who are made up of remnants from the main antagonist's army in the first game.

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I meant as in one that showed the connections plain and simple, but maybe make into a few parts because it would probably be really long. (Wouldn't it be pretty cool if you could determine the fate of the entire wasteland and possibly link it to what you did to the institute in fo4)
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Bee Baby
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So a game that is set in the whole of the former United States?

I think a game set in the Midwestern United States... say Chicago, could make for a great area in which to tie ins to all the past game.

Chicago would have the Midwestern Brotherhood of Steel. Possible remnants from the Enclave. It's not far from Springfield Illinois where Abraham Lincoln is buried. So I can easily see Hannibal Hamlin and his Temple of the Union there and a way to get one one of the best weapons in Fallout 3, Lincoln's Repeater. I can see the MWBoS making the Chicago are somewhat stable area and a center for trade. If the MWBoS are still in Colorado and New Vegas might suggest that they are. Then that would would be a means of having information from the events of New Vegas working it's way back to Chicago. Even information from all the way back in the NCR itself. Traders talking about California, the Legion and a city of Sin protected by robots in the middle of a desert.

With the events of Fallout 4, depending on future DLC. We know Arthur has become a dictatorish like figure. After the Institute is destroyed his next target could be the MWBoS itself. Thus tying in the events of Fallout 4.

So to sum it up. We would know of what could have happened in DC since Fallout 3, what happens to Boston after Fallout 4, the long awaited information since the end of Tactics and of course what happened since New Vegas.

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Johanna Van Drunick
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I always thought that if a game were to take place in Chicago, a good dlc for it would be St. Louis, which was a city still populated by super mutants when we left it in Tactics.
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Eibe Novy
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What if Abraham Lincoln was made into a ghoul(not being serious but it would be funny)
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How about an https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7P5T0hedTX4?

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That is the best thing I have ever heard
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Think about this, the institute makes synths disguised as people. Does anyone remember the "Rogue Android" from fallout 3
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