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Do we know anything about the relations between the United States and the Soviet Union before the Great War? From what I can gather it seems like they interacted at least a little bit. What really turned me on to this idea that the United States and the Soviet Union had some sort of peaceful relations is a terminal found in the Gunner's Plaza that speaks about a foreign exchange worker named Boris. Whom everyone he worked with thought he couldn't speak English and he spoke with a heavy accent. I know its sort of a stretch to assume that Boris is Russian just by the name and his country of origin was never mentioned, but I think it's safe to assume that he was from somewhere in Eastern Europe. Which to my knowledge should be part of the Soviet Union still. So the two countries must be at least accepting of each other if they are exchanging workers. Anyway does anyone have any more information or feedback on this topic? I know it may of been asked a lot but I feel like Fallout 4 may of shinned some new light on a lot of lore.

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