Nested Levels in Dialogue Topics (multiple top levels)

Post » Wed Mar 02, 2016 3:39 pm

i want to use the dialogue topic system in a quest much like a message box, the problem is that i need at least two levels,

the problem is that i click on [Response A] and it gives me three other choices to choose from, when i click one of those choices i want to go back to the sub level instead of starting all the way back at the top level.

Top Level >> SubLevel (w/ three dialogue choices) >> Sublevel 2 (just response text)

i do not want to go back to the start when i enter Sublevel 2, i want to go back to SubLevel 1

Any ideas?

p.s. i'm trying to have the player check out a corpse, with lots of dialogue options. MessageBoxes are too in your face, take up most of the screen, and aren't as immersive. I am going to record the dialogue options into messages as a sort of diary that can be accessed any time, but i need something different for actually checking the body the first time around

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Daramis McGee
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Post » Wed Mar 02, 2016 11:43 am

Hey Marthgun ... good to see ya. I myself haven't done anything further than what I sent you of those 2 files. Tenpenny and Paradise .

Which I feel if I saw one of your missions fleshed out a bit towards completion and your method for setting things up , would give me a better Idea on how to proceed with them. Rather than me just coming up with something that would probably make them seem out of continuity with yours.

But feel free to just take what I did and run with it if you'd like.

As far as your dialogue set up with the way I saw you did it in the Agrid quest. I was a bit perplexed how you got it to work without placing topic-ID's in the choices field. But I guess that is by flagging those next responses as top level ? So that was something new to me.

But lets see trying to think this through at least for my benefit ....

1 - Each starting examine dialogue is stored within the Greeting Topic , just being controlled by the condition(s) upon it . And they link to nothing , but are not flagged as Goodbye.

2 - So after the greeting displays ... the talking activator lists any topic (by the short label you wrote in the topic text feild) flagged as top level and has the appropriate GetIsID for that Talk Act. Which is only limited by how many can fit vertically.

3 - So the player clicks on one of those which will display its response text , and if it is not flagged as goodbye , then we just go back to #2 ... which can be a dwindling list when a topic/response is labeled as "say once"

So at this point your having each top level topic/response branch into another choices? Are you doing that without putting topic-ID's in the choices field of each response? Which I would be totally flabbergasted how you accomplished that. But using the choices field ....

4 - After the response text displays from #3 , it displays all the choices of topic-ID's you placed in the choices field ( Labeled by what you wrote in the topic text)

5 - Player clicks one of the choices , and it displays a response text. So unless that response is flagged as goodbye it will revert back to #2 ... or it has topics placed in the choices field again.

Which you could just put the top level topic in the choices field from whence it started taking it back to #3. But your trying to skip its response text being displayed , and just have the choices listed I take it? Which I guess you could just make another topic with a blank response , that has the same choices listed from #4. And put its Topic-ID as a choice from the end of #5 .

I hope that makes sense ... if not I'll try and clarify.

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Post » Wed Mar 02, 2016 9:17 am

hey whats up, i've been away for work, finally got back around to modding again, seems to happen for 6 months out of the year. I've picked up right where I left off; right now I'm compiling notes and making tutorials for animations and collision. I can't believe how much I didn't write down, but I've still got your stuff, have over 100 custom models, 12 interiors and buckets of dialogue. If you're still interested I'll contact you when i get done sorting.


You are correct, its a very simple system i saw in the native esp. alot of the dialogue was meant to only be displayed once, so its unnecessary to have multiple levels for the base game. if multi levels are needed, they just use message boxes. And I tried to call message boxes from the dialogue, it absolutely fails because it intereferes with whatever script is running the dialogue. and there can't be simultaneous scripts running / or nested scripts. I've proven that through extensive trial and error.

I'll check out what you wrote, its a little hard for me to conceptualize, but you know your stuff, so i'll give it a whirl and report back. thanks for the help

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