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I don't know if this question is better asked in the technical forum or here, as I don't know if my problems are due to bugs or if it's just me being too stupid or too impatient.

I bought the game on Steam as GotY edition for PC, and due to technical problems that even he support could not help with but this forum (I saw later in the forum the sticky about editing the INI fle to restrict cores for thread usage), I think again this is the right addres to ask for help after again a question at the forum is now a week old without them even having read my request. All I got back was a standard mail about solvng problems to START the game, not about crashes or DLCs, but that's a complaint for another forum...

After finishing the game without addons, I activated them, and reloaded a save game when my character was still level 19. The Broken Steel addon answered within a few minutes of playing, that it was activated and raised my level cap to 30, but none of the others seems to be available. I don't get any message, there are still the radio stations I also had in the "normal" game. (A description said, I should get a radio transmission, but the only active radio station is GNR, and the are playing the ususal stuff, so how should I get this message? And if it's not about a message, how else can I start the addons I payed for?

Having to trick around a bug crashing the game when changing cells (I had to fast travel to the Citadel from the interior of the Citadel to avoid the game crashing when launching the final attack) I was also able to finish the game, and I also could send Fawkes to the Purity camber, although then the game plays the Credits and ends, so I tried again and entered the chamber myself, which seemed to work for the addon, as then I'm waking up on some bed not being able to do anything but breath and cough when using "E" (I can't even change my viewing angle with he mouse or use the PIP-Boy, or even save the game). After about 5-10 minutes the character rises to sit on the bed, so I can see a Mr.Gutsy floating around in the room and one of the Brotherhood's scientists looking at something to my right. Still I am not able to do anything else than using "E" to cough and breathe (can't move my head, start a conversation etc.), and the doc isn't even trying to say anything. Fawkes came into my view (very slowly and obviously not clipped correctly, so I bet that's a bug and he should not even move around), but also he doesn't do anything. After about 10 minutes more not being able to do anything I closed the game and decided to ask here, what to do.

Also, did anyone else encounter the graphics problem in the game with the new items from the DLCs not having graphics, but white exclamation marks on red ground? But I think this is an issue I have to ask for in the technical forum.


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