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Anybody thought of or tried doing a no perk run? Leveling as normal just not spending any points on anything? It's something I probably won't try for quite awhile but the idea sounds really appealing to me.. especially once survival mode comes out and we have all the dlc's and what not.

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Like have I thought about rping a functioning idiot who cant learn, grow or adapt?? No, not at

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Romy Welsch
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It actually shouldn't be THAT hard - the game has to assume you're not using Rank 4 Gunslinger, for example... and it cannot assume you are using Rifleman rank 4.... so if you have ~neither~ of those, you still have to be able to "win" the game. And the game can't assume you can lockpick or hack at all... in those cases where the story requires it, there is usually an NPC that can unlock the door, or there's another way around the problem (talk to an NPC to get the key, etc). Most perks just augment things you can already do.

The only problem would be those few that let you do things you ~cannot~ do without the perk. Like, without Local Leader, your settlements just would not be well developed at all. Locks would remain locked and computers would remain un-hacked (unless Companions do it, etc). You would not be able to breathe underwater for long periods without Aqua-Girl (but then, they cannot assume you have that one perk, so there has to be a way around that).

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Jonathan Windmon
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How about this.

No perks, no armor, 2 broken limbs ( your choice ), a broken piece of glass as a weapon and your already taking slow poison/rad and bleeding damage.

You CAN however wear any hat you like.

There I made it hard enough for you masochists. Enjoy.

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That would be one hell of a challenge.

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Nana Samboy
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Unless the hat is a Vikings helmet with the horns on the inside that permanently drains a small amount of health I wouldn't consider it :)

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lillian luna
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A no-goofy, no magical power perk run for Survival mode might be better (like no Mysterious Stranger, auto radiation healing, etc.,).

Lets just say at high levels, Super Mutant Warlords are pretty common and can survive a hit from an Instigating Missile Launcher with max Heavy Weapons and Explosions perks on Normal.

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One thing is make the game more challenging and another is making leveling totally pointless , not for me.

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Yeah,, it obviously wouldnt' work (or probably be that fun,) for a full long run play of the game.. but if all you did was a story run, I doubt it would be all that difficult to do without perks. .. LIke most rpg's, it's all about HP's., Since you still gain HP's on level up without having to take any perks the perks wouldn't really matter at all.

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Id get bored around level 10 and start using perks. I find perks are one of the fun things otherwise whats the point in levelling up other than more health and a shiny number we can feel good about...

Lol thinking about it, it might actually balance things out for awhile and actually give the enemies a chance for once...

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Post » Wed Mar 30, 2016 11:11 pm

No damage & Defense related perks could be fun..

Absolutely no perk won`t be fun because your character will not grow.

Even an idiot gets better at something if they have to do it repeatedly for survival.

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I don't know, that's like playing Mario without jumping. Not very fun.
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Post » Thu Mar 31, 2016 12:22 am

beat the game with the rockband drum set
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I've done it with no crafting perks (all mods are looted) which was actually a lot of fun. So I've done limited perks, but not a complete no perks. If I did do that I would still spend the points on SPECIAL. If I can't have perks I should at least have great attributes.

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Someone on here awhile back was going to do a no perk except lockpick and hacking run but I never heard how that went and can't remember who it was. Not my cup of tea though to try.

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Emilie M
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Might be fun, if the rules allow spending those points to max out your base SPECIAL stats. That way you can at least flush out the character, and get very strong (Crits refilling more quickly, lots of AP, tons of HP, good hit chances in VATS, carry weight and melee/bash damage, good speech checks, and faster levelling (for more HP). God, this could be quite fun on a guns character. On a no guns character, though... yeesh it would svck. I'm tempted.

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Post » Wed Mar 30, 2016 1:28 pm

I would do a run like that at lower levels. just spend points maxing out attributes but I WOULD put points in Charisma such as local leader for settlements and lady killer for being able to secure a relationship with PIPER!!!!!! :angry:

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