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OK I cannot be the only one who wants Bethesda to remake fallout 3 or new Vegas, i mean think of it wandering the Mojave wasteland looking for the platinum chip or going from vault 101 to rivet city looking for your dad in the capital wasteland all while in next gen graphics . With Bethesda showing us just how beautiful they can make their games and how smooth their games can be, shows us that they can make these games more wonderful and full of life then what they already were and this would absorb us into the world of fallout more then what we all ready are. so my question still stands : i can't be alone in thinking this would be a good idea right?

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Justin Hankins
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It would be an awesome idea but it's unlikely to happen. Mostly to me it would be cool to see a version of 3 and NV with all the bugs and glitches ironed out, but your best bet for that is probably PC + mods. I've only played 3 on PS3 and as soon as you advance a bit in the game and the file size gets larger the game becomes almost unplayable due to constant crashes. NV on Xbox 360 runs a lot smoother though.
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