How could Bosmer loose to Khajit?

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I learned in Roshank's TES VI vids that Valenwood in 3rd era tried to invade an area and lost to the Khajit.

I do not know a lot of TES lore, but some, and it is the first time I have heard that Khajit won.

Based on Khajit appearing unorganized and rather independent individual with some trouble with skooma, how could they defeat the Bosmer invation?

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There are two kingdoms that make up Elsweyr and both answer to the Mane, so they do have legitimate authority figures. They may also be skilled in guerrilla warfare which is absolutely brutal and near impossible to beat with more conventional tactics. On top of that, Bosmer soldiers out of Valenwood would be extremely specialized in forest combat, which wouldn't be too helpful in most of Elsweyr.

As for skooma, things are a bit different with Khajiit and they probably don't have as much issues with it as you may think. Most don't actually use skooma and instead use its raw form, moon sugar. Interestingly, raw moon sugar doesn't seem to cause any long term issues for Khajiit. They also have a much higher tolerance than the other races simply due to their biology and, according to the PGE1, have taken to including it in nearly all of their cooking. It's even an ingredient in Skyrim's Elsweyr Fondue.

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Post » Mon Nov 14, 2016 2:01 am and are in-game books that explains how the Wood Elves lost the war.

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Thanks to both of you!

So Khajit can be coordinated in small groups then (?) And also have a understanding for their territory and a willingness to protect it (?) From my previous understanding they did not have as much awareness of their homeland, and thats why they are scattered all over Tamriel.

For a defence to work it takes somewhat organisation either way. Scouts to alarm them (I see they used Nords for that) and a way to muster. If not Bosmer would have probably gotten to them before they knew what hit them.

I see the Khajit used a kind og shield wall / phalanx tactic that would counter the barrages rather well.

A shield wall (and partly phalanx) requires an army (much larger groups that the typical Kahjit gang)

Also the Kahjit living in trees countered the tree tactics.

Still you would think Bosmer would be superior in numbers....

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There are Khajiit everywhere, but everyone else is everywhere, too. And the Khajiit really are more organized than you're giving them credit for.

Combat wise, we haven't even gotten into the non-humanoid breeds, which are supposed to vary in size and appearance from being able to be mistaken for house cats to massive tigers that humanoid Khajiit can ride, while every variety of Khajiit is fully sapient. The small breeds would be nearly undetectable as scouts and are supposed to be talented in magic. Combined with heavily armored intelligent tigers and more conventional infantry, Khajiit armies would be diverse, suited to nearly any combat scenario, and would have an excellent intelligence network.

On top of that, the Khajiit and Bosmer have been fighting each other off and on for ages, so both sides have some experience battling the other. Khajiit invade Valenwood, Bosmer invade Elsweyr, and neither side ever gains much ground.

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no less than any of the other races.. you'll see members of each race (with the exception of the Imga) spread all throughout Tamriel, but that doesn't mean they don't care for their homeland..

I am honestly curious as to what caused you to have this view of the Khajiit you do

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You're not giving the Khajiit enough credit.

You may want to read

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In what world can guys like beat Khajiit?

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