New game with LAME - Healing?

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I Started a new game with LAME and I noticed that the healing spell that every classes gets in the beginning is replaced by the spell "Heal Minor Wounds" which requires a restoration skill of 25.

So what happens to the classes which does not provide a restoration skill of 25 of more? How these characters heal themselves at the beginning of the game? Does LAME provide ways to heal for these characters? Is this requirement normal?

With an alternative beginning which makes you start in the middle of nothing and overhauls that makes the game harder, things can become a little complicated :P How do they survive during the first days without that useful spell?

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Post » Wed Nov 16, 2016 4:38 pm

You get a bunch of healing scrolls, basically. And, yes, it can be harsh. I really like to start with Arthmoor's 'ambushed by bandits' option where you have nothing but the rags you're wearing, so it's lucky I don't play 'Dead is Dead'. The subsequent problem is finding someone to sell you the 'Heal Minor Wounds' spell, not for sale in vanilla because it's a starter. Been known to give up and console it in...

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In fact I know "Heal Minor Wounds" when I start a new game. But some classes can't use it because of the requirement. I haven't found in the IC someone selling a healing spell I can use in the very beginning.

Seems I will probably have to use a mod like Fizzle to modify the requirement system..

Or maybe there's a problem on my end because I find surprising that people didn't complain about that.

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