Can anyone Recommend me a good way to start a mod?

Post » Sun Nov 20, 2016 10:08 pm

I am curious in building a mod and for so many reasons, ive had problems with my morrowind construction set crashing? Also whats the best thing to do as a first mod, because i had ideas but most of them are gone i was working on a armor mod for morrowind, but my computer got corrupted and i was about to upload that mod on morrowind modding history, but i lost the file is was called "Dragonstone armor" it actually looked really unique i worked so hard to put that together, that i need help from this community to help me build a mod, i will put my dedication into modding for you people, i actually have made mods for skyrim, but did not release them, as soon as i got back on my computer my steam got corrupted and my morrowind got corrupted as well. I was wondering if you skillfull modders can help me build a mod for i can finally release a mod after all this time?

Thank You!


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