Hidden Dragonborn?

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Hey guys.

Do you think Mankar Camoran is a dragonborn?

Mankar Camoran is the leader of the Mythic Dawn Cult or Mehrunes Dagon.

In Oblivion, The Hero of Kvatch meets and fights him.

However is he a dragonborn?

In the Mysterium Xarxies (a collection of books written by Mehrunes Dagon) it is revealed that

"Mankar Camoran spoke in a new language and three days later spoke fire".

This could be the Thu'um. (Fire Breath).

However the biggest piece of evidence for Mankar Camoran being a dragonborn is the fact that he can wear The Amulet of Kings.

Only someone with dragon's blood can wear it (a dragonborn).

Tell me what you think.

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