Elder Scrolls was the first

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The elder scrolls, especially morrowind because it hit the mainstream, was the first game to create a truly open world. Nothing has come close and many try to copy or replicate or duplicate or impersonate but none have come close. Many will follow. Thank you todd and his employees and bethesda, you are gaming saints.

What has the elder scrolls done first and or continue to do that no else has

-I couldnt believe i could pick up any item, it was amazing

-i couldnt believe the awesome physics

-i couldnt believe i could loot everythong and use or sell it.

-I couldnt believe the immersion and options and dialogue

- I couldnt believe the beauty and ambience.

No video game compares to any elder scrolls and if they do they were inspired by it.
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I would say Ultima I:The First Age of Darkness was the first game to create a truly open world. The Ultima series was an extremely popular franchise in its day. The Ultima Underworld series in particular had a huge influence on the design philosophy of Bethesda's own open-world games.

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Indeed. And IIRC, Todd Howard said Ultima III specifically was his favorite game ever and the Ultima series in general (and that game in particular) had a huge influence on him.

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That makes sense! The Ultima series is a pretty brilliant series although I have a really hard time trying to get into the first ones but 7 is still one of my favorites, lots of things to do!

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