Do you think Dunmer culture will reflect geographic relocati

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Ashlanders were I think mostly wiped out by the eruption of Red Mountain so that is no more a major influence on Dunmer culture. The heart of the Dunmer nation has relocated to Blacklight in the far northwest of Morrowind (not that far from Winterhold) and many have sought refuge in the extreme cold island of Solstheim.

The heart of the Dunmer nation used to be in Mournhold in the much warmer south of Morrowind and places like Vivec City in the south of the volcanic island of Vvardenfell which again were all quite warm.

I think Blacklight used to be just a small dot on the edges of Dunmer society. Now it is said to rival the size of Mournhold in it's prime. Now that the Dunmer life centres more in climates that are nearly on par with Skyrim, do you think this may have an impact on their identity as a people?
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I'm pretty sure blacklight was always a major city. Wasn't it the capital of the hlaalu controlled lands during tes 3?

Anyway, I don't think the climate will change dunmer culture, but I can see them being closer to the Westerners change their culture to a point where they are more assimilated to cyrodilic culture.

Think of the dark elf culture in cheydenhal in oblivion. I just imagine they will end up more like that. Kind of because they have to to get along with the rest if society and trade (cus they really need the trade now as they don't have the resources to be as isolationist as they once were).
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Some of the xenophobia will probably start to evaporate since they necessarily need to make more contact with the outside world. The Nords offering them Soltsheim and letting them inside Skyrim might soften their stance a bit. Though in the long run, who knows if they decide that the other races should have helped them more, stopped the Argonian and they become xenophobic again. Or they group up tighter to survive and reject the outside world as they turn inwards to preserve their traditions. Though them changing their worship to the "Good Daedra" again seems they are willing to have some changes. Remember Dunmer culture thrives on adversity. They have faces difficult times many times already

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The Redoran mainland capitol, actually. Narsis was the Hlaalu capitol, and was probably razed by the Argonians.

I think the biggest changes in Dunmer culture will be due to switching back to Daedra worship, the dominant house being the Redoran, and a lack of slave labor. Geographically, ashlander cuisine may actually become normal now due to the new abundance of ash coating the northern half or so of the province. Dead cultures do influence modern ones all the time. The US was heavily inspired by the Roman Republic, for instance.

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