what game(s) are you currently playing? Part XVI

Post » Tue Dec 13, 2016 10:38 am

I imagine you all know how it goes by now

got a few.. an All Archer run on Might & Magic 6, my Cities Skylines town is going great, and the occasional round of planetside 2

(half tempted to also start another Witcher 3 run and do the Blood and Wine DLC everyone praises, or possibly try and tackle Xenosaga again)..

I stated it in the previous thread, but I do sorta want to share again something that dawned on me during my M&M run:

was going through the Temple of Baa, and something dawned on me that i NEVER actually considered in an RPG before.. after clearing out a section, I went around looting corpses thinking to myself "I guess it makes sense the spiders don't have any loot, how would they carry it", then I looted a Skeleton and got some gold..

thats a VERY common thing in RPGs, Skeletons will have some kind of basic loot, a few gold or a gem or scroll or something.. How do they Carry it? they are Skeletons, they have no pockets..

im probably overthinking it :P

so, what game(s) do you have on the go?

and as always:

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