Blade Runner 2049

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Pfft. Kit-Kats are overrated heartburn snacks.

Toblerones are where it's at. Even post-op Toblerones are better than Kit-Kats.

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Jessica Thomson
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Keep in mind there are several cuts of the film.

I like the final cut but it lacks the inner monologue voice over of Ford that explains certain things about the world. You may want to watch the Theatrical or International (same as Theatrical but more violent scenes included) version the first time. Avoid the Director's Cut as it's actually the Work Cut with key pieces of the film missing and Scott had NOTHING to do with it. The Final Cut is the real Director's Cut with Scott backing it and the one I recommend you watch mainly.

You can rent the Theatrical version on YouTube or GooglePlay for $2.99.
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tiffany Royal
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Good to know! Thanks for the info!
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Michael Korkia
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I should clarify that I recommend watching Theatrical/International first just because it has that inner monologue that really helps bring you into the world and understanding it. The Finale Cut lacks it and depends on the viewer already being familiar with the film and it's world. The Final Cut is also the international version but has been remastered.


Also when you do watch the film, pay attention to the origami. :)
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Sarah MacLeod
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The only part of Bladerunner that I liked was at the end when the guy that was dying told Harrison Ford of the sights that he had seen in his lifetime.

Everything else I just could not get into.
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Ann Church
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Well it is a kind of noir film so those aspects aren't for everyone. I agree with the ending though. Honestly it makes the film imo. It ties it all together, amazing it was completely adlibed by that actor.
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His Bella
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Is 35 years a record period of time between a first film and its sequel?

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