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I am running win10 playing Skyrim the elder scrolls V. The game runs on best settings on my pc. I've been playing for a few weeks and it's a great game. BUT since day one of my install (got game and the computer from Micro Center store) I can save games but I cannot LOAD those games. When I go to load, there is nothing there. No games. but then go back to save games and I can see em all there. I dont have any mods (dont know how to install em) so that shouldnt be a problem. game works great except for this no load problem. any suggestions?

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Is this SKyrim SE or original SKyrim? Try running the game as admin. Are you using Mod Organizer? Disable the Steam cloud for SKyrim. Right click Skyrim in the Steam library and select properties. Should be under the updates tab all the way at the bottom.

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check your Skyrim games folder My Documents / My games / SSE / Saves ..........if the saves are there then there is no issue when saving

the SSE load games thingies has been based on the FO4 load games system, when you start the game it keeps your last save visible,

but there should be a option that says "Show all Saves" but you have to be in the main menu to get to this,

IMPORTANT If you try to load a save whilst in game, it will only show you your last quick save and any auto saves that the game made on that particular play-through be it 10 min or 7 hours,

at the bottom of the screen next to the X = delete there is a T button option that says "Show all Characters", click this and it should bring up a list of all your saves

hope it helps

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