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This thread is for ideas and suggestions for future Elder Scrolls games, and to keep all the discussion in one series of threads.

We have a long way to go before we get another ES game. In the meantime, similar topics will be closed and referred to this one.

Note there is a separate thread specifically for suggestions for future games.

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On behalf of a new member, who doesn't seem to be online right now... Before this gets on a roll, i'll post what he/she brought up

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Post » Thu Dec 15, 2016 11:11 am

That's a very in-depth shop system!
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I figured since ive been gone from the forums for quite a long time, I'd add to the already growing number of ideas for a future Elder Scrolls game. Skyrim did indeed have quite a lot to offer in terms of new features. Dual wielding spells, new perk UI, custom homes, etc. The following are some ideas I feel would make the next Elder Scrolls game feel great to play.

Advanced Character Customization - Do what you did with Fallout 4! Let us mold our faces to our liking! Give us a larger selection of eye colors, skin tones, and hair styles, as well as body/face tattoos.

Advanced Armor and weapon Customization - I am sure the people of Tamriel know how to use color dye for their clothing, and paint for their armor and weapons. I want my character to feel unique compared to others. When crafting armor, I feel we should have a large array of different colors to choose from based on required items we have in our inventory to use in order to make that color.

Spell Deflection and Reflection - Allow us to master the weapon and shield and deflect/reflect incoming spells back at our enemies.

Harder > Broken - Weaker weapons shouldn't stand a chance against weapons forgered out of the rarest known minerals of Tamriel. Allow us to shatter the weapons and shields of our foes as we strike through them with our ebony and daedric arsenal.

My House - Hearthfire was an amazing addition to Skyrim. It gave me a cozzy place I could call home when not outside killing mud crabs. Seeing some of the amazing houses created by the modding community had me wishing for a custom building system for houses in Tamriel. The choice to choose different building themes such as stone, ayleid, dwarven, nord, and other forms of architecture would make many of us Elder fans very happy.

Decapitation - I really want to feel like my weapons are doing the amount of damage they clearly look like they should be doing. Fallout 3-4 did it. Why not Elder Scrolls?

New Guilds - We've had the Warrior's Guild, the Mage's Guild, the Theives Guild, and the Dark Brotherhood. What about something more divine, more political? Perhaps a guild of daedra warshippers, or an explorers guild?

Nothing in the Ocean? - I know there HAS to be life in the ocean. For a fantasy game, it's lacking aquatic monsters. When I first swam outside and away from Anvil, I was expecting some creature to swim up to me and devour me. Nope, just kept swimming, just kept swimming, then got bored and fast traveled back.

Bring it All! - Give us all of Tamriel! The Elder Scrolls Online was a start, but I just couldn't get into that game. It was way too different. The Witcher 3 gave us a massive world to explore, a world I'd dare say was larger than Skyrim. If The Witcher 3 can do it, I am sure The Elder Scrolls can too.

Online - The Elder Scrolls has done quite well for itself for being a campaign based game. It'd be nice if me and my friend could jump into the game together to go dungeoning.

I know we have a long wait before we see another Elder Scrolls game. I do hope that some of my ideas are considered. Some of the ideas have probably been considered, or thought of by the developers before. I can only hope that this time they are implemented.

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Have you tried Elderscrolls: Online? I think it might be right up your alley!
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My one issue with this is that it will be for nothing if the loot system isn't reigned in. It's just too easy to make money right now, and has been since Morrowind. A lower carrying capacity, so you can't haul half a dozen suits of armor plus twenty daggers back to town to sell could help. Not being able to find two thousand loose coins on every dungeon dive would aslo help.

Also, since I think this was probably lost, since it was the last post:

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I would like to see BGS solve those problems by making the following changes:

  • Make bodies unlootable. Going through the inventory of every dead mook is tedious and interrupts the flow of the game.

  • The PC should only be able to carry only one spare set of armor provided they use an equipable backpack or mount outfitted with the proper storage.

  • Impose limits on the number of weapons, potions, scrolls, gems, and ammunition we can carry. In previous games, the PC can carry a virtually unlimited amount of these items, which decreases the incentive to plan for encounters beforehand.

  • Obviously lower the default size of the inventory to something like 30 and limit it only to misc. items like gems, clothes, jewelry, quest items, crafting materials, alchemy ingredients, et cetera. As mentioned before, this can be increased with the use of backpacks, mounts, pocket realms, and so on.

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Post » Thu Dec 15, 2016 10:42 am

I definitely disagree with the 'make bodies unlootable' idea. The only thing i can agree on is lowering the default carry weight. I can't give an exact number as to what i feel is best, but maybe around half of Skyrim.

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But... but... Khajiit wuvs taking dead people's things!
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I don't like the idea of making bodies un-lootable, but I could definitely get behind a more limited inventory. I think a lower carrying capacity would be the easiest and most elegant way to solve that. NV certainly became a hell of a lot more interesting once I installed jsawyer, in large part due to the reduced weight limit; I had to actually think about what I picked up. Which reminds me, I'd love for arrows to have weight again.

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Post » Wed Dec 14, 2016 11:50 pm

Yeah i definitely disagree with all of this. What do you mean by "the flow of the game"? It's not like TES is a fast-paced FPS. I think it would be ridiculous if i couldn't loot dead bodies. Does the moment i kill him he gets an impenetrable force field keeping my klepto fingers from taking everything?

Although i'm not a fan of having to impose self-restrictions and imagine certain aspects of my game to have it make sense, i think the inventory is the easiest place to do so. it's fairly easy to impose restrictions there and say that your character can only hold 1 main hand weapon, a dagger, 1-2 sets of gear, and a limited supply of potions. That being said i do think 300 was too much more like 100-150 too start and in increase of a certain stat or perk can increase that.

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