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I started reading into the Adjacent Planes, and honestly, it gets more confusing by the word. Especially Lyg. For those that don't know, Lyg is, basically, a parallel, no, adjacent version of Tamriel.

Can someone explain it to me like Im five?

I read that it's the birthplace of Mehrunes Dagon

what are the inhabitants?

Its said their tech is Dwarvens 10.0. They have gear that would put centurions to shame.

who's Xero-Lyg?

How are Adjacent Realms possible?

Will we ever see one in an ES game?

Why hasn't anyone tried to prevent the Bleeding Effect?

Where in Aurbis would they be located?

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I'm not really sure that's possible because, frankly, no one really knows.

It is supposedly where Mehrunes the Razor was forged, and where Dagon became Mehrunes Dagon. Exactly what that means is open for interpretation.

People. Probably Elves of some sort. They seem to worship the Magne'ge, at least.

Imagine Tamriel as Fantasy, with a bit of Sci-Fi. Lyg is more like Sci-Fi, with a bit of Fantasy.

Maybe? Truth be told, it's only ever appeared in the ravings of madmen. It may not actually be real.

A map has 2 sides.

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one last question. who is Xero-Lyg?

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Best we can tell, one of the Magna Ge. Possibly a sibling of Meridia.

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