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I've recently started digging into the lore behind Lyg, and after reading Djaf: The Arena of Lyg, and Michael Kirkbride's Origin of the name Lyg, I've made shocking discoveries.

skip to my third reply if you don't want to read all of this

First, most of the text makes little to no sense at first glance, seemingly filled with unnecessary and random words left and right, but eventually it comes together.

On the topic of Lyg's position, I had to dig in the past for this one. Most of what happens in TES is related to time, whether it be Anui-El, the elder scrolls themselves, the hero cycle, or even Alduin. Lyg is said to be the future of Tamriel, yet its inhabitants and history are slightly altered versions of those on Nirn. Basically, Lyg would be a parallel version of Tamriel, right? Wrong. It's also said that Lyg doesn't technically exist, but it has an exact location. It took me a while to piece it together, and I may be wrong, but seeing as Lyg is the "future of Tamriel", yet with an altered past, doesn't exist, yet is a place, Lyg is located in the future. Literally. Lyg's past is Tamriel's future and present, which means Lyg is always a few steps ahead of the timeline of Mundus. There would be no possible way to get there by conventional means, which means you cant get there by simply moving to another location. You'd simply have to move forward in time, until you reach Lyg. It'd be instantaneous, though. Hard to put in words.

Lyg is in the "future" in terms of events, which means it has no real effect on the past, but the past does have an effect on the future. That explains why the inhabitants of Lyg have never notably crossed over to our world. When the Oblivion Crisis was happening, it had already happened in Lyg, maybe centuries ago. But not in the same way. Another entity could've been involved, or even won. Maybe it was prevented before it could reach its climix.

Another way you can get there is during a Bleed. As Lyg and Tamriel, in terms of location, are in the exact same place but in different moments in time. A Bleed gradually merges the two. If it were to get to a point where Lyg and Tamriel were nearly one, someone could easily cross over into Lyg as easy as walking.

A Bleed leads me to my theory on Bleeds themselves. In Djaf: The Arena of Lyg, there are two factions, the Priesthood of Hor and Thermallelean K's. The Thermallean K's are lead by Thermallele, and from what I was able to gather, she is either a very powerful person, or the ruler of Lyg. Hor was originally Horma-Gile, before being "crushed with coldsalt". What that means, I have no clue, but I think it has something to do with Coldharbour and Mehrunes Dagon's assault on Lyg.

Continuing with the book, the priesthood was using the illegal magic of the Bleeding Monks, which of course causes Bleeds. The main character, Aechneil, at first shadows them, recording their conversation with a voxbot, which I assume is a device. This shows their advancement. He finds out their plan, and speaks with a "demon" who is terrified. Knowing he could stop the Bleed, he starts working out a plan when the Bleed begins already.

In this part, his voxbot picks up a frequency. Distorted music played, and as he tried to trace the transmission, it stopped. He says it was odd, but kept repeating odd until stopping. He says he's Tracing. At that moment, he looked through "lense chromes" and saw "Jillian Mathematics" appear in the sky

As said before, Lyg is located out of time, and overlaps Tamriel. During Bleeds, they start to fuse. Since the past and "future" are colliding at this point, its safe to say that time is going through stuff. "Tracing", if I'm not wrong, could be portions of time repeating themselves as they go backwards. Time Dilation, as said by Miachael Kirkbride. Lyg, a constant few steps ahead of Tamriel, is being pulled back. Its like a car with the gas pushed down to the limit, but being pulled back. Moving forward and backward at the same time could easily cause things to repeat.

Jillian Mathematics were vaguely mentioned by Michael Kirkbride, when he said "The letters are numbers. The language is mathematics." If im not wrong, Aechneil mentioned Jills in the book, and seeing Jillian Mathematics in the sky. Since magic runes are a language in Mundus, and the people of Aurbis see magic as non-mathematical, the reverse would be seeing magic as mathematics. No wonder Lyg is more advanced. Maybe the Dwemer were starting to look at magic that way too?

Anyway, Aechneil realizes its almost too late, and starts to panic. The book writes this

"In the future time, now bleeding through the non-talk of the 'here and never'; the Templars of Hahd and the Legions of Galg, the Thermallean K's and priests of Hor all fight an impossible battle spanning the entirety of Untime. Mass erasure spreads throughout Lyg, feuling the Glymnesiatic stress placed Vb4M Legerity, threatening the largest Bleed in non-history"

Some of this proves my "out of time" theory.

His voxbot plays the tune again, but this time, he receives a call. (a call! really advanced) from Ghost Choir 9, Blade-Seneschal Stringform Multivox Warframe. The speaker says his names are "Captain Starkweather, Cat, the Duke, Copper, Reinholdt, Mira, hokerrgun, Kohl, and John Satisfaction. We didn't know why we came here until you called. Or did we call you. No matter. It's of little concern to you. Or the greatest concern. All points of view really, and we aren't always the best when it comes to that. We see you are in distress, and have come to rectify you"

Then, Aechneils voice comes from his own voxbox "Its happening. It was me. It was me. I started it. It was my fault my fault my fault my fault my fault" and he continues to say my fault,

The speaker, who appears to be another Aechneil, is also Tracing.

he then says "They've come to rectify me. Of course. So it ends."

Ghost Choir 9 says "Still there Aechneil? Good, good. We have but a moment. The 'Iis is upon us"

"Ready when you are."

This is where Djaf: AoL ends.

Obviously the most confusing part, it took me about an hour to come up with any ideas.

Since Aechneil's voice came from the box, I assume that since Aechneil himself didn't say it with his own mouth, there was another Aechneil. It speaks about interference, just before the Aechneil voice speaks, so I again assume Ghost Choir 9 was speaking with the other Aechneil,

Now, this theory is crazy, but what isn't. I think that, due to the Bleed, the Tracing, and extreme time dilation, Aechneil was speaking to, and not speaking to Ghost Choir 9. Two different realities. Magic, or Jills in Lyg terms, affects reality itself. It wouldn't be impossible for logic to fall apart at the realease or use of dangerous and unstable magic. Two alternate realities could've been happening at that moment. That could also explain why Ghost Choir 9 has an apparent identity issue. Their speaking seemed to lose all sense when the Bleed was in its final stages, sometimes referring to Aechneil as the Bleed itself. Aechneil is definitely not the reason for the Bleed, ye he confesses, seeking to be "rectified". BUT, in the end, it seemed like Ghost Choir 9 and Aechneil had both had a plan to stop the Bleed, and there was a small window to enact said plan: "Good, good. we have but a moment" "Ready when you are". the Bleed obviously didn't happen, seeing as Tamriel is still separate from Lyg, so the plan mustve worked.

That still leaves us with the intense contradictions. Ghost Choir 9 says many statements that contradict each other. Could the Bleed have been altering the rules of reality and logic? The simultaneous forward and backwards movement of Lyg is a contradiction in itself, so its possible.

Let's backtrack. A war was already being fought at the time, between the Templars of Hahd and Legions of Galg, and the recent battle between the priests of Hor and the Thermallean K's. In the verse above, it speaks of "mass erasure" which "feuled the Glymnesiatic stress of the Vb4M Legerity". If im, yet again, not wrong, apparently, during a Bleed, parts of Lyg gradually become erased. Whether its being transported to Tamriel or not, idk, but the people obviously don't like it.

Actually, it seems that the majority of Lyg has done a lot to prevent a Bleed. They made the magic required to perform one illegal, and tried to stop it at all costs. The priests of Hor are an entirely different faction. And its not the first Bleed. In the story, it says it hasn't happened in generations, since the time of the Bleeding Monks. A Bleed, in Lyg, is just as much bad in their eyes as it would be in the eyes of Tamriel. They obviously don't want to merge with Tamriel, and bad stuff obviously happens during the process.

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The second story, the Naming of Lyg, starts off nice, and organized. But eventually, things in the story become distorted, and rather odd. Long story short, a group of people, "kings" were mapping territory on Tamriel. They also had notes on paper AND computers, showing that its in OUR world. One of them, the newest, was drinking coffee. the coffee spilt, and messed up the map. the kings wiped it up, but the queen didn't like the noise, so she had "monkeys" deal with it. the "monkeys" FOLDED the map and threw it away. Then, an "alarm bell" went LYGALYGALYGALYG, which meant fire. The kings quickly took the trash can, wanting to "save Tamriel" as written in the story, but the sprinklers got into it, and ruined a few of their notes. the monkeys went different paths, but one of them sifted through the trash and found the parts of the map. He saw that the lines of the map BLED to the other side, and admired the underside of the map more. they all agreed that that was how they'd remember everything anyone said in the room. at that moment, the alarm went LYG, causing a monkey to nervously laugh, and roll up the map. His words:

" your head under the broken light bulb swinging to and fro in that one room that will never be used again because smoke."

then, the map "said" "I am an Atlas of Smoke, and we knew it would be called LYG"

0_0 yeah. my reaction to. Its pretty obvious that the story takes place in our world, whether in Bethesda studios, or just a story. And its obvious that someone spilt their coffee, a fire happened, a "monkey" found the map, and on it were two sides of Tamriel, with the inverted side being Lyg. The sound the bell made inspired the naming of Lyg. But the last line confuses me. An Atlas of Smoke? What do you guys think it means, if anything.

And do you think this is just a metaphor, telling us how Lyg was made ina fictional manner, and not TES way? Like saying Akatosh got his name from a beta tester who liked to sign "Also Known As The Old Smaug Himself" A-K-A-T-O-S-H instead of saying Aka means time and Tosh dragon in Ehlnofey.

The true origin of Lyg is that someone spilt their coffee on the map of Tamriel, smoke set off the fire alarm and sprinklers, the map lines bled through the paper, and they named the opposite side after the sound of the alarm. All we know of its fictional origin is that Tamriel was "folded" at one point, and left a slightly altered copy of itself, which was located out of time, yet still in the distant future.

My head hurts like hell.

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From Vivec's 23 Lessons and Mythic Dawn Commentaries

1: Lyg is inhabited by people called The Grabbers

2: The Grabbers took Vivec's son/monster, impressed by Vivec city, and forced him to make and become City-Face, a city in Lyg

3: Mehrunes Dagon and his razor were forged in Lyg

4: Dagon is imbued with Hope, a rare essence in Oblivion

5: Dagon "threw down" Lyg, cracking his own face (maybe a reference to City-Face, Vivec's monster/son??? Dagon is his son/monster??)

6: Lyg was once ruled by Dreughs, humanoid creatures with many crustacean-like legs and claws, at the time ruled by the Ruddy Man

7: The Ruddy Man was Molag Bol

From what Djaf: The Arena of Lyg says

1: Lyg is located out of time, yet is an altered version of Tamriel's distant future

2: Lyg and Tamriel are located in the same spot, but different times.

3: The Bleed causes time to stutter and reality to warp

4: Lyg's technology has advanced to having phone/computer devices and other advanced tech

5: Lyg's view on magic and/or language is in Jills, their form of mathematics

6: Causing a Bleed is illegal, and unwanted by the majority of Lyg

7: Aechneil, one of the few inhabitants of Lyg we know by name, can stop Bleeds, though nearly failed

8: Hor, once Horma-Gile, has become home to priests who seek to cause a bleed

9: A long war was being fought around the time of the second Bleed

10: many factions exist

11: Lyg gradually seems to "vanish" as the Bleed takes place, at least from the point of view of the Lyg people

12: Lyg has enough order to have strike teams of some sort, one of which we know if Ghost Choir 9.

From Michael Kirkbride's Origin of the name Lyg

1: Lyg was made when coffee was spilt on the map of Tamriel while the creators (of TES I believe) were discussing notes

2: Lyg was named after a fire alarm, making its meaning "fire" in a way

3: Lyg was forged in smoke metaphorically, since smoke was in the room during its discovery, along with a broken light bulb

We need to discuss this! This is awesomenews, from just a few books and excerpts

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anolysing obscure texts and out of game sources/codas can be quite rewarding and awesome but is also fraught with dangers. Same as trying to apply it within accepted/canon body of lore. While I am not going to delve in this canon vs non canon discussion I am just posting to say it is nice to see someone trying to anolyse and correlate various things. But also keep in mind that sometimes you need to go back and find the anologous symbols and what they mean in context. For example the Jills are supposedly a kind of dragons or servants of Akatosh that mend the fallout from Dragon Breaks. So your passage probably refers to those. Another symbol used are the monkeys which probably refers to Marukh and his order which managed to break the Dragon by dancing. This is still all a subject of interpretation but always make sure you do your research. It might reveal a whole lot more than what you initially thought!

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