Help and Tips for my custom spellsword build?

Post » Sat Jan 07, 2017 9:43 am

Hello everyone.

I wanted to replicate my Skyrim build and playstyle to Morrowind, something that i have done successfully with other builds in the past but this time i couldn't pick any Endurance related skill without braking away from the original idea.

The build i am trying to bring into Morrowind is a simple spellsword, using blunt weaponry preferable maces or morningstars, light armor, block, enchanting and alteration spells for support. I played enough Morrowind to know the game pretty well, but always with characters with high Endurance and strength, so this time would be a little more tricky. Any tips on how to deal with the small health increase per level?

Major skills

Blunt weapons

Light armor




Minor Skills





Speech craft

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Albert Wesker
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You could always just pay for endurance based skill training (medium or heavy armour or spear) on the side periodically between level ups.

Like before you rest to level up, train a skill like 6 times, it'll be super cheap because it'll be low (usually around 5 or 10 if it's a misc skill ) and it doesn't count towards level up because it's a misc, but it'll give you endurance multiplier for your level up. And with 3 different misc skills that are governed by endurance, you shouldn't notice any extra cost in money to train them every level up.

That's probably the simplest solution that doesn't require switching out any of your skills for an endurance one. And I'm sure you know money is easy to come by in morrowind after the first few levels, so it shouldn't be a hassle for you to do this.
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How i didn't think of that? Yes indeed this is an easy workaround for my problem, thanks a lot Sentinel. Do you have any tip on Enchanting? Never use it before.

Is there a way to fortify attributes to an armor piece?

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Kate Schofield
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Yeah it's powerful and yeah you can fortify attributes. Of course enchanting is harder to do because of failure chance, so I usually just create a ton of fortify intelligence potions (alchemy skill don't matter just buy like 300 bloat and ash yams for cheap) and when you enchant something when you got 3000+ intelligence you shouldn't fail at all .

You just can't enchant something with more than what the item can hold. Every item has a limit you can enchant on it and you'll see that while enchanting (if you go beyond that limit you will always fail making the item) More high quality clothes and jewelry are best for enchanting. You'll find you can't enchant most armours with much besides daedric.

You need a grand soul like a golden saint (best one) or beyond (like a God, which you'll meet a few and can only be held in azuras star) to get a constant effect enchant (meaning active all the time) otherwise you'll only be able to make "cast on use" enchants. But armours can be enchanted with decent cast on use, you're better off saving the jewelry and clothes for constant effect enchanting.
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Javaun Thompson
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Hmm, it must be a little hard to train it reliable, do you believe that is worth it as a major skill? I feel like it may drug me behind a little bit.

I don't mind starting over and change it's place with mysticism. I have only cleared Addamasartus and finish two small quest around Sayda neen, so nothing crazy.

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Emily Martell
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Unless you use a lot of enchanted items and use lots of soul gems it takes a while to go up. But you can always just train a couple levels here and there.

I wouldn't sweat it too much. It gives you intelligence boost and you can increase it by recharging enchanted items. You're just gonna be wanting to soul trap more often and using soul gems more often to make it more worth while.

Even just use it to enchant some of your loot with useless but easy to make enchantments and sell it for more than you were gonna get while also increasing skill and level and adding towards intelligence modifier.

Mysticism won't help you much unless you use a lot of spell casting. The most useful of Mysticism is Mark and recall and the intervention spells, but all those effects come in enchanted items and potions, though sometimes a pain to get (unless you make them yourselves which you might as well do considering you have enchant). Everything else mysticism are pretty much high level spells that you want to be an almost pure spellcaster for. At least the useful spells.

Edit. Just saw you have both enchanting and mysticism. Don't bother restarting. Major and minor just dictates your starting level. You're better off with it the way it is, as mysticism is easier to level so having enchant at a higher starting level makes it easier.
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Sophie Miller
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Post » Sat Jan 07, 2017 2:32 am

Thanks again Sentinel. Time for me to slowly destroy 120 hours of my life. :tops:

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Adriana Lenzo
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just 120 hours? :goodjob:

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Josee Leach
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Enchant an item to Summon an Ancestral Ghost for 12 seconds and another to do 28 points of fire damage on target. Summon the ghost, use Mysticism to trap its soul for a few seconds and then toast it. As you may know, common soul gems can be purchased in unlimited quantity in a couple places. So you should have lots of filled gems for enchanting small items by repeating this routine as needed. A cheap ring with Restore Health 7 points and 100 charges can be used to improve enchant skill by just spamming the 1 point spell. Rest for a bit and the ring is recharged. A few of these and enchant will improve to max very quickly. Good luck!

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Ally Chimienti
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Thanks for the tip. I still haven't gone to Balmora yet so i don't have the drakes to spare except 500 from the 'Tax collector' quest and the few i made from Addamasartus. Give me some time to make some money and i will try it.

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