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Forgive me everyone for creating so many threads asking for help in such a short time, but I promise this will be the last you'll hear from me (modding TES games is a pain).

I'm trying to fix my map markers problem which I have, where all of them are not aligned properly meaning Imperial city is on the map where Chorrol is , Chorrol is where the mountains are etc...

The only map mods that I have is Dynamic Map, after lurking in the posts section of the mod some of them have also been having the same prbolem but the fix was never mentiuoned.

So I'm wondering if anyone here can help and if you folk have any suggestions for this problem.

Thanks in forward.

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I'm going to move this one to the Construction Set forum
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There are two things that cause this. One is a scale issue, when you have the maps in the wrong folders. There are separate folders for 100%, 80% and 50% scale to match your screen resolution, and there are corresponding maps in each, with the same names. It's easy to put them in the wrong place and they work, but then don't align with the markers.

The other is an offset one, where everything's shifted. Installing the Valenwood Improved and/or Elsweyr Anequina maps when you don't have the mods can cause the offset issue, and a bad load order can, too. Check your load order with LOOT, and see if that fixes it.

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