Intimate Interview

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[The candlelight from the brass candlestick extinguished, your shadow and their dances on the walls and ceiling, shimmering in the descending dusk of the old day]

Who are you?

I am Lugk Agumbuk.

What is your purpose?

My purpose? To serve Malacath; To honour him and my kin; To leave my own legacy in this world, no matter how small.

What do you wish your legacy to be?

I wish to have been as a better husband, worshipper, and citizen as a Mer can be.

Unambitious. And of your wife?

She is the most ravenous beauty possessed by an Orc, ever. I love you, dear ;)

[You both embrace in the setting sun, it illuminating the surroundings of the marital bed. Tusks reflecting the sun, she sinks it into your flesh]

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