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It's been a month? Wow... to Previous Thread (#XXIV).

I don't recall asking this before, but wanted to know about Ghost in the Shell: Arise. I just ordered from Amazon. Reading through "stuff" has me confused now. Amazon says there are 4 discs in the package, yet only 114 minutes of run time. Some of the reviews talk about "only the first and second episode." Reviews usually confuse as they glump all of them to all the many variations of some products.

Is Arise a full-fledged series like Stand Alone Complex and 2nd Gig? Or is it more like a shorter OVA? When I Googled "Arise", it looked like there may even be 5 total. I had just gone by what Amazon listed and they have 1&2 listed in one package and 3&4 in another.

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Heard on another forum that One Punch Man is coming to US April 25th with no source to back it up.

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