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Hey, so I admittedly know very little about scripting, and I have no idea if the following is even possible (or it could also be basic Scripting 101-easy for all I know).

For a mod I've been working on on and off for ages, I would like to have an elevated walkway above a pit of dangerous creatures. The thing is, this is in a "civilized " location, so I want the player to be able to walk across the walkway in complete safety without triggering combat. However, should the player go down into the pit (without being the proper faction rank or maybe level, I haven't decided what constraint I want yet), the creatures will suddenly attack. So basically I need a script that makes creatures passive until the player gets close to them, but then turns them hostile, but one that has a much larger x and y trigger area than z, if that makes sense. I.e. if you land anywhere in the pit you'll be attacked even if you're not particularly close to the creatures, but if you're on the walkway you could pass very close to them in vertical distance but they would be unaffected.

I hope I explained this okay, but anyway, is it possible? And if so, would anyone mind writing it for me? Of course if I ever release my mod you'd be credited for your help! Thanks~ ^_^

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