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Recently, I was downloading a quest mod for Skyrim Special Edition (Blackreach Railroad) when I thought, why doesn't Bethesda hold a competition for a fan-made quest in a future title in their games, not just Elder Scrolls but Fallout, Dishonored etc. The one thing that sets Bethesda apart from most other Game-Developers is that they have fully embraced Modding as a big part of their games. They even went out of their way to have console players the chance to upload and download mods with the re-release of Skyrim as well as Fallout 4. And there are certainly a lot of great fan-made quests for their various games.

So, as I was saying Bethesda should really give a chance for a fan-made mod to be incorporated into one of their games. Maybe not in the main game itself, otherwise their would be spoilers, but as part of a DLC after the main game has been out for enough time.

I'm not saying this because I want my mod to be put up, I haven't made any mods at all. I'm just saying this because it would really involve the community and give some recognition to the countless dedicated modders who produce quality work.

Please share this message. If we can drum up enough support behind this idea, then maybe Bethesda will give some notice to it.

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ZeniMax Media Inc., Bethesda Softworks, Bethesda Game Studios did hold a mod competition for Fallout 4 with Nvidia.

Some PC gamer who made a mod for Nvidia called it GTX 1080 to show off graphical effects with a Nvidia GTX 1080 and won like $10,000 dollars (USD) if I remember correctly.

I need to correct this the name of the mod was Vault 1080 not GTX 1080.

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CArlos BArrera
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I wasn't aware of this. Thank you for bringing it to my attention. I'm glad Bethesda did that sort of thing and I hope to see more of it in the future.

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Gavin boyce
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Bethesda Game Studios adds mods that they see is really good to the next video games that they develop and they also hire PC gamers who make mods from the modding community as well.

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Well, in that case, ignore my message then. Bethesda seems to be on top of it. Thanks for letting me know. B)

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Farrah Barry
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Unfortunately you would lose a large portion of the vote because Sony users would have nothing to base their vote on, and therefore be excluded from the voting process.

It would be like having a President elected without gaining the largest plurality of the vote...

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Maybe a competition with one winner selected from each section? (house, follower, mount, armour, etc.)

All winners then get the option to have their work packaged in a "community contributions" DLC, thereby making it "official" (and downloadable on PS consoles) so everyone can have a vote and receive the benefit. I understand current PS4 situation removes the chance to try the offerings out personally, but there would likely be plenty of coverage for many of the choices on youtube and their own mod pages.

Contributing (winning) mod authors could receive a small cute of the takings for this DLC being sold or a flat prize with the DLC being free.

One would hope by the time TES6 hits shelves Sony will be a little more relaxed on what they allow for mods anyway

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By judging your date when joining here I would say you aren't aware of the heated discussion that took place in this forum almost a year ago when Bethesda announced their payed mods project with Valve on Steam Workshop.

EDIT: The thread seems to be pruned.

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claire ley
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Ninja loves the idea of a DLC made of mods .........and a reward to modders who make the cut

one thing that we have to take into account and what makes modding so appealing is the power of CHOICE, to make Skyrim look and feel the way you want too, when it comes to ppl who are using mods no one is playing the same game, the combinations are endless that no 2 Skyrims are the same, but for me the biggest reward is that each playthough i can play a totally different looking game

in my opinion there are mods that should be incorporated into the game, its like all of the stuff Bethesda should have done but never got around to doing so, but in saying that it might have been the strategy all along especially like its been stated above Bethesda has embraced the modding community ........if they gave a perfect game a lot of modders would be out of business

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This most likely won't happen due to the legal nightmare that is the ownership and attribution issues of many mods that killed the paid mods initiative. Now, some mods don't have this issue but a great many others would and would thus be ineligible, making the contest not really representative.
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I have actually been floating around here quietly since mid-late 2013. I am aware of the paid mods fiasco and how it drove a huge wedge into the community with strong feelings both ways. I'm not going to get into a debate on that now, since it's old ground that doesn't need cracking open again.

My suggestion was for a one off or maybe bi-annual event. Say 6 months after the release of the creation kit Beth endorse a one time competition announced well ahead of time to allow for people to make mods of high quality. I am not suggesting a return to the attempt of curated mods....didn't work and they'd struggle to make it work with this community. What i'm suggesting is something that would allow Beth to put out 1 more DLC with minimal effort on their part...hell, it could be a chilled weekend deal just sit and play games and test mods among themselves and see what they want to drop into the game.

With 10 categories (arbitrary number) then each "winner" could be paid 2% of all sales takings. It's a huge amount of money because you know a large portion of the community would buy it. Or perhaps a better option would be just a cash prize. Either way, the core of the idea is NOT getting paid for the mods, it's encouraging people to make great new mods which could then be released on Sony's platform as "official" DLC and that would provide extra assets to people making "vanilla only" mods as well as providing new content beyond the planned DLC releases.

Either i'm explaining this poorly or you already have a preconceived idea of what I am suggesting, either way I will not continue to try and defend this idea. It has been stated and clarified as much as I wish it to be.

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You are suggesting that Bethesda should "canonize" the work of a select few modders, potentially driving a wedge of friction between those who have been given Bethesda's seal of approval and everybody else. And then, to rub salt in the wounds, you further propose that those lucky few who have been chosen should be paid a pitifully small stipend (while Bethesda keeps 98% of the revenue for themselves).

I will guess that many modders whose work has been appropriated by Bethesda are not going to be happy that 98% of the money earned from their hard work will disappear into corporate pockets. And those who have not been chosen are going to resent those who have. I think few modders - whether they have been chosen or not - are going to be happy with this ill-conceived scheme.

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You clearly already have your own ideas about this, so i'm not going to argue with it, but you'll notice in the post you quotes I suggested a number of categories, each with a winner. 2% is an arbitrary number, but if you have 10 categories that becomes 20% of the takings, so Beth wouldn't be keeping 98% of all the takings. Pick whatever numbers you'd like, but Beth will want some of the takings to cover their own costs for staff looking at the mods, organising the competition, incorporating the mods, etc.

I also suggested an alternative to this in suggesting the competition just have a set prize.

BGS can "canonize" whatever they want. What i'm suggesting is Beth bringing a selection of high quality mods to everyone, incorporated properly and "officially" so as not to fall foul of Sony's censoring of mods and resources.

That aside, I fail to see how it becomes a big issue if the mod is just adding in a cool new armour set/collection or a pretty new pony for you to ride around on. The selection of categories does not have to include epic quest mods that have an effect on the "canon" of the series going forwards (and we know Beth like to retcon whatever doesn't fit for their new game anyway)

I'm done with this topic now. It was a suggestion that would mean Beth more actively engaged their modding community for a longer period and gave something back to the modders who work hard to improve every installment they put out. If you or others want to throw your dummy out because someone else might get money for doing something you could do, you go right ahead but you'll get no more responses from me on the subject.

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No I don't want to see mods turned into paid DLC's. I don't even want paid DLC's only expansion packs to be sold.

Just leave it as it is now Nvidia paying $10,000 dollars (USD) to PC gamers who make the best mods in a competition like they did to the Vault 1080 mod to show off Nvidia's graphical effects.

Also just have Bethesda Game Studios hire PC gamers who make the best mods.

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