opinions on a few mods?

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I'm looking for any opinions regarding these mods, which I have trouble finding any examples of from the dark elf guy, or elsewhere:


1.Atmospheric Sound Effects



2. Better Music System


(that link doesnt appear to work anymore... :/

Better Music System BTB Edit


I only could find this video showcasing the "Better Music System", which I thought sounded nice, but I have no idea where to download it anymore, nor how it sounds elsewhere:



Next I would like opinions on any leveling mods. I cant decide if I should get one, or if I did, which one? I don't want one that makes the game easier, I just want one that makes sense

this is what it says in pastebin:

3) Don't like vanilla leveling for whatever reason? Can't resist the urge to minmax, so you want to remove the temptation? You might consider one of the following mods. Use ONLY one.

>Galsiah's Character Development Lean 2.04a (http://wolflore.net/viewtopic.php?f=22&t=1116) - Tribunal or Bloodmoon is required. Not compatible with State Based HP, it has its own system.

>Automatic Leveling v0.4 (http://www.gamesas.com/topic/1533992-rel-automatic-leveling/) - Requires the latest version of MWSE (which itself requires the beta version of MGE XE), there's a link to the newest version in the post. A much more modern mod, but it's still a WIP. This mod includes it's own health calculating function, so you don't need State-Based HP. But you can turn off this mod's health function and use it anyway if you want.


I want to also play a Pure Mage at some point, but vanilla morrowind seems to dislike this idea. (or at least require the old wizard to take constant naps!) Does Morrowind really lose anything by having magic regen mods? If I ever got a magic regen mod, I woun'dnt want it to make the game easier, but rather just a very very slow regen. I just want to know if that would in some way really be an exploit, making the game much easier in some way? this is what they recommended in the pastebin:

5) Want to be a wizard? Here are some mods you might like.

>Mastering Magicka (http://www.nexusmods.com/morrowind/mods/42269/?) - This mod is a complete overhaul of the magic system. You should read the mod page to learn more. If you think this mod does a little too much and want to pick and choose for yourself, keep reading.

>Fair Magicka Regen (http://www.nexusmods.com/morrowind/mods/39350/?)

>Raym's Simple Mana Regeneration (http://www.wolflore.net/viewtopic.php?f=108&t=1553.) - Use either this OR Fair Magicka Regen, not both. The difference between them is that Fair Magicka Regen is percent based, while Raym's is simpler and lighter on CPU/scripting. Don't use this OR Fair Magicka Regen if you're using Mastering Magicka.

>Spell Cast Reduction (http://mw.modhistory.com/download-37-1406) - Another feature already included in Mastering Magicka.

>Melian's Teleport Mod (http://mw.modhistory.com/download-21-6360) - Not only for wizards, this mod makes travelling around Vvardenfell a breeze by allowing you to have unlimited Mark locations.

To me, the Mastering Magicka sounds like it would just make the character overpowered, but I would like to hear anyone who has used it, if this is really the case. I would like to know, what is the purpose of spell cast reduction mods? If all spells are 50% less cost, would this not break the game and make it very easy?

I guess I'm just looking for any opinions at all regarding this, and what is most fun, yet immersive, still allowing for at least some challenge (even though magic is very exploitable)


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I have not tried atmospheric sound effects, so I can't speak to that.

I loved better music system...the only problem was that it tended to crash my game on occasion. BTB's version created fewer crashes, although they still occurred. That being said, I have NOT tried either version out with the latest version of the Morrowind Code Patch installed. The recent MCP 2.3 beta reduced my crashes dramatically to the point where they almost never happen, so if you have it installed I'd give either one a shot (just don't use both better music versions together). Fortunately, they're easy to uninstall if you decide you don't like them.


I unfortunately have nothing to say here. I'm one of those odd ducks that actually likes Morrowind's default levelling system, so I've never used any of the mods you've listed.


I highly recommend playing a pure mage, though not as a first character because it requires much more maintenance than a fighter type. Of the mods you've listed only Melian's Teleport Mod is in my load order (and I highly recommend it). However, i have heard good things about Fair Magicka Regen and Mastering Magicka, and have tried them both. Mastering Magicka has a bug with magical sound effects, but is otherwise quite robust. Dopeyfish was a scripting genius, and I was always was perplexed as to why his mods never received more attention. I prefer playing without magicka regen mods though. I have some mods installed that grant a small amount of magicka regen upon completing high level quests, but that's about it.

Anyway, I play as a pure mage so I have a lot of recommendations across a wide variety of mod departments. I have a list here: http://www.gamesas.com/topic/1490690-jasons-quintessential-telvanni-mod-list/and a reddit post explaining things one should think about with a pure mage build here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Morrowind/comments/5n9f7w/mage_first_playthrough/dcabrd3/

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I think Galsiah's mod also includes magicka regeneration, so you wouldn't need another mod for it, and you'll have a large magicka pool too. Magicka regeneration doesn't make much a difference (at least under 2 a second) unless you prefer to nap or carry lots of magicka potions, it just helps the flow of the game.

Spell cast reduction makes Morrowind more like Daggerfall, Oblivion, and Skyrim, where it allows higher skill mages to use higher level spells more often (and not increasing the need to nap). The mods for Morrowind though are a hack - you still need the original cost to cast the spell, but are refunded a percentage after casting.

Mastering Magicka has a lot of interesting mechanics, but it does make it easier for mages as you get more max magicka, magicka regeneration, spell reduction, and unarmored dodging. the only disadvantage is spells cost fatigue and wearing armor increases the penalty, and the mod doesn't work well with other magic mods that change sounds, etc. While I would recommend it to experienced mod players, I wouldn't use it if new to mods.

Raym's magicka mod is pretty simple, and less intrusive for regeneration.

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If you play Oblivion and like the Oblivion XP mod then you want try the sequel mod for Morrowind - http://www.theassimilationlab.com/forums/topic/15265-wip-morrowind-xp/. I dunno how much progress Kotokyy have done since the last time I tried Morrowind XP.

Yes, GCD does include magicka regeneration. Unfortunately, using GCD will CTD (exit Morrowind in Windows Task Manager) as soon the player level up in-game if the Uncap Attribute and Uncap Skill patches in MCP is installed.

Regarding MWSE, MGE-XE does not have the latest MWSE version, instead this is what the latest MWSE is about.

I have only used two magicka regeneration mods in my game, so I cannot comment other magicka regeneration mods.



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